Organized Re-Branding Session

November 29, 2021

Besides just needing updated content for her social media and marketing, Elsa needed new images in her rebrand color scheme. New rebrand images are a breath of fresh air for your business!


What is Branding Photography and how can it increase my clients and sales? Branding photography provides imagery to up-level your visual branding by telling your story through imagery and making a connection with your viewers. The images will showcase your unique personality and brand further targeting your ideal client. Whether you’re a service or product based business, a lifestyle branding session will help grow your business. Professional photography will show clients that you are a serious business ready to guide them in their journey.


November 22, 2021

What is Branding Photography and how can it increase my clients and sales?

RMBO Collective Branding Session

October 21, 2021

I love being a to tell a brand story with beauty and most of all, authenticity. Often times I will set-up the scene and then capture the true action of my clients doing what they do best! Branding photography will elevate your website, social media and so much more.


Working with a client that caters my absolute favorite food? Yes, please! RNG Taco Cart Catering reached out for branding images in hopes to help build their business for bigger events, such as weddings and corporate events! We work with clients to create branding sessions that work to align with their business goals.


October 12, 2021

Branding Sessions with RNG Taco Cart Catering

Remy’s Kitchen Branding Shoot

September 16, 2021

I was so thrilled to work with Lisa of Remy’s Kitchen as a fellow female business owner and friend sharing our struggles and success as female entrepreneurs! It’s hard work and always so many constant moving pieces, am I right!?
This is my favorite part (other than shooting) of these sessions. The creative brainstorm to come up with a detailed plan and shot list to bring to life your visual brand. With dog treats, it’s mostly about the packaging and marketing to make you stand out.


I find that for businesses just starting out, they are mostly looking for profile images and to fill in gaps on the website. Our brand sessions include both profile/headshots and a specific plan to help provide the images to fill in gaps for spots all over their websites – whether they were just launched or are about to!


September 7, 2021

Branding for Harmony Marketing

Headshots vs Lifestyle Branding

August 20, 2021

Headshots vs Lifestyle Branding You’re probably thinking “how do I choose which session is the best for me and my business?!”. I want to take out all the guesswork and explain what headshots and lifestyle branding shoots contain and how it can fulfill different needs in your business marketing.


A personal branding session is the perfect way to create consistent personal, on-brand content for your business. Personal branding sessions are so much more than just an updated headshot. The branding images will level up your business, telling a visual story of your brand. Krista Mason Photography branding sessions tell the story of your brand, […]


August 5, 2021

Ways to Use Your Personal Branding Images

Branding Headshot Session… Plus More!

July 29, 2021

Timea of TB Contract Furniture reached out to me again with several needs for an updated headshot and a few new working images. Along with the headshots, her main requests for the shoot were to photograph her new working from home situation due to the pandemic and get some updated email marketing material for a specific collaborative cooking segment she was doing.


Elsa loved her first session with me, but found she wanted a more extensive library of images of herself and her work. This happens more often than you think and is totally normal! I honestly love it, and welcome it with open arms because I just can’t wait to work with my branding clients again.


June 17, 2021

Organized Branding Shoot!

Branding for Styled by TC

April 30, 2021

I love working with fellow creative entrepreneurs that support and empower women. Emily and Ali do just that with their bridal boutique shop in Brea, Styled by TC.


I make skincare products for women who love the outdoors, and I want to make it simple for them to carry their routine with them. I’ve battled acne for much of my life, and I know there are many out there like me who feel somewhat strapped when traveling (or backpacking) because they can’t take everything with them. I want to offer women the solution to that problem.


April 28, 2021

Branding Shoot for Rain Organica

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