Compass Realtor Brand Photos with Julie Mollo Homes

June 13, 2024

This is my third time working with Julie Mollo and her Compass Realtor team! We love it when our branding clients return. For us, that means their images are working and their business is growing. Woohooo! Wondering how often you should have your brand photos taken? It depends! Let’s dive into Julie’s Brand Journey! Our […]


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Why Brand Photos Matter

First Impressions Count: High-quality images create a professional and polished first impression. They tell your audience that you’re serious about your brand.

Consistency: Cohesive visuals help in building a recognizable brand. Consistent imagery across your website, social media, and marketing materials reinforces your brand identity.

Connection: Photos that reflect your personality and values help in building a deeper connection with your audience. People do business with people they feel connected to.


May 22, 2024

Summer Mini Brand Sessions – Limited Time Offer!

National Small Business Month!

May 2, 2024

This Small Business Month, I’m turning the spotlight inward! I’m feeling all kinds of fired up this Small Business Month! Why? Because not only am I celebrating the incredible women entrepreneurs I get to work with every day, but I’m also celebrating my own journey fueled by a passion for empowering women entrepreneurs through the power of visual storytelling.


Administrative Professionals Day – Virtual Assistant


April 18, 2024

Celebrating Administrative Professionals Day: A Tribute to My VA and Photo Assistant

Start Up Branding Shoot – Inches to Milestones

April 11, 2024

I love working with fresh start up’s. I find it fun to walk through the brand process with them and visually tell their story. There are so many photo needs when you first launch a business from website, to social media, headshots team shots, and establishment shots. You are starting from scratch and the possibilities are endless! I recently got the privilege of working with Inches to Milestones and we had such a blast!


If you read last week’s blog about Composed Living’s grand opening of their storefront, today you’re going to be so excited to read about how Elsa and her team offer their in-home organization too! We combined both the remodel of Elsa’s home and design by Olazko Interiors along with the business of Composed Living. It was the perfect collaboration brand session between home organizer and interior designer.


March 28, 2024

Composed Living’s Home Remodel with Olazko Interiors

Composed Living Grand Opening!

March 21, 2024

I’m so excited for my friend Elsa and her opening of Composed Living! It’s been a dream of hers for sometime to open this space and have a place for others to gather. She is one of my favorite women in business and I’m so happy for her.


I love working with products and creatively that I can visually concept to tell a story. For Rain Organica, we wanted to use natural elements in a soft, welcoming way to showcase the multi-step process of 3 products.


March 14, 2024

Rain Organica Product Branding Session

Women’s Month & Giveaway!

March 7, 2024

As a brand photographer for women-owned small businesses, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the transformative power of imagery in empowering women entrepreneurs. I’ve captured moments of confidence, equality, and the realization of dreams – and I feel so lucky to keep doing this. Brand photography serves as a driving force for for empowerment, using experiences and insights from my clients to tell their brand story.


In the bustling world of small businesses, the visual appeal of your product products can make all the difference. As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats, and mastering product photography might seem like a daunting task. But fear not! With a little know-how and creativity, you can capture stunning images that showcase your products in the best light possible, attracting more customers and increasing sales. Let me walk you through essential tips and techniques to help you capture stunning product photos right from your smartphone.


February 24, 2024

Elevate Your Product Photos

Empowering Women Through Bras: LilypaDesigns Brand Session

February 8, 2024

I’m thrilled to share the magic of my second session with the incredible LilypaDesigns. Trust me; this session is brimming with laughter, empowerment, and a whole lot of love for bras that actually make you feel fabulous!


In the fast-paced world of business, where competition is fierce and attention spans are short, it’s time to ponder the crucial questions about your brand. The not-so-secret sauce? It’s YOU! We specialize in capturing the essence of what makes your brand stand out amongst the crowd, truly one of a kind.

Brand photography isn’t just a fancy add-on; it’s a necessity in today’s market. It’s about you, your brand, ensuring it connects emotionally and leaves a lasting impact on your audience (aka your ideal clients). Let’s dive into these questions and how brand photography can be the answer you are looking for!


February 1, 2024

Branding Photography | Making Your Business Stand Out

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