Ground Photography Poses

May 23, 2023

Welcome to week four of National Photography Month! This week, we’re exploring sitting on the ground poses. Whether you’re taking photos in a park or in your own backyard or office, sitting poses can create a relaxed and natural vibe.


It is always such a blast working with Julie, the real estate maven for her real estate branding images! Julie’s all about keeping it real – honest, informative, and down to earth – while making the journey of buying or selling a home a fun ride, despite the inevitable stress. Julie’s brand vibes are sleek […]


May 18, 2023

Julie’s Real Estate Branding Session

Working Photography Poses

May 16, 2023

Welcome to the third week of National Photography Month! This week, we’re diving into our third posing series – all about how to pose while working. Whether you’re capturing candid shots at the office, or showcasing your craft at home, these tips will help you nail that authentic work look. Here are a few tips […]


Ready to take your standing poses to the next level? Our second series for National Photography Month is here and we’re exploring everything standing! Whether you’re posing for portraits or capturing the perfect candid shot, these three tips will help you rock your standing poses like a pro. Standing poses can be both elegant and […]


May 9, 2023

Standing Photography Poses

Chair Photography Poses

May 4, 2023

It’s National Photography Month, and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with all of you! As a professional photographer, my top priority is to make sure my clients feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful in front of the camera. This includes all sorts of posing, in a chair, standing, and more!

This month, I want to help you make the most out of your photoshoots by sharing some exciting posing tips and tricks that will help you shine in front of the camera.


Elsie’s branding session for The Bold Mirror was a celebration of empowerment, change, and accomplishment.

She was looking for a modern, edgy clean atmosphere with a space where she could work, show her empowerment and celebrate her new business, The Bold Mirror.


April 20, 2023

The Bold Mirror Branding

Ignite Your Inspiration

March 31, 2023

Here are 5 ways to ignite your inspiration and beat the work blues to find your way to success! We all get in that rut of losing our spark or inspiration or even creativity. We are all in this together!


Our client Blue Moon Pilates was rebranding – new logo, new website, new images. Not only that, but showing up more in her brand and business!

We had many stories to tell for Kelly and Blue Moon Pilates. We wanted to show Kelly in the studio, her focus on teaching/training and education, ballet dancer influenced pilates, Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa which is her peaceful ‘Happy Spot’, and of course a celebration!


March 23, 2023

Blue Moon Pilates Branding

“yes” and “no” Tips to Consider When Having A Branding Session

March 16, 2023

Here are some “yes” and “no” tips to consider when having a branding photography session. We want you to look and feel your best, and be as prepared as possible! Yes’s Plan ahead: Take the time to plan and prepare for the shoot. Make a list of shots you want to capture, outfits you want […]


Since we didn’t get to tell all of Melanie’s story lines in her first session and she continually needs new content for her marketing, Melanie decided to book our quarterly sessions. Interested in our quarterly sessions? Let’s chat!


March 9, 2023

Melanie Klein’s Quarterly Branding Shoot

5 Ways to Feel Confident in Your Next Photoshoot

February 23, 2023

Taking your photos can be dreadful, especially when you are solo. I know, I don’t deny it! But I am here to tell you it can be fun – you can look and feel comfortable and confident. Sometimes it may take a few minutes to warm up, but that’s what I am here for to help you and guide you along the way so you have images that look like a bold and confident you!


Our newest offering, quarterly content days are starting soon! There are so many benefits to creating new content for your brand, from SEO, to reaching your target audience, showing your story, and building trust and credibility. By showing more of you and your brand, you are showing your ideal client your expertise in your industry […]


February 21, 2023

Quarterly Content Days Are Here!

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