Empowering Women Through Bras: LilypaDesigns Brand Session


February 8, 2024

I’m thrilled to share the magic of my second session with the incredible LilypaDesigns. Trust me; this session is brimming with laughter, empowerment, and a whole lot of love for bras that actually make you feel fabulous!

For those who haven’t heard of LilypaDesigns, let me tell you, she is changing the game of bra fashion and fitting. As a woman with a larger bust, I’ve always dreaded bra shopping. It’s expensive, it’s usually a snooze-fest, and finding something cute for the well-endowed? Nearly impossible. Lily is rewriting the script by focusing on patterns that cater to all sizes. Lily believes that every woman deserves to feel confident and empowered, regardless of her shape or size. During our sessions together, I’m always inspired by Lily’s dedication to inclusivity and body positivity.

This is the second chapter of our collaboration (see our first session), and I can’t wait for you to see the fabulous third session later this year with brand new patterns and designs

Lily, a pattern designer extraordinaire, had a powerful vision – showcasing that every body deserves a well-fitted bra. To bring this vision to life, she selected three diverse models, each rocking different body shapes. It was a celebration of inclusivity, self-love, and the belief that beauty comes in all forms. It was a powerful visual narrative that resonated with women everywhere.

As Lily shared with me, she had attempted to photograph her products herself initially, but the results didn’t capture the essence she was aiming for. Realizing the importance of professional branding photography, she made a bold decision – an annual session to ensure her ever-expanding collection of patterns gets the professional spotlight it deserves. It’s a challenge many entrepreneurs face—balancing new product releases with consistent, high-quality visuals. Lily understand this as well, but both her and I swear by the importance of investing in your brand images. It might not be feasible to shoot every new product professionally, but a yearly or quarterly session will provide you with a catalog of images that’ll boost your sales and attract your dream clients. Lily’s journey attests to this – she used self-shot images until our shoot, and when we did, she said it was a game changer for her website and social media.

In addition to her patterns, Lily creates her own fabrics – this session is the map fabric. To complement this unique material, we chose a Parisian-inspired location. The result was nothing short of magical—a perfect blend of vibrant fabrics, diverse patterns, and the iconic beauty of a Paris loft.

The shoot was a mix of laughter, music, good conversations, and empowerment. Our models were wonderful in executing Lily’s creations just as she imagined. Te images captured spoke volumes about the confidence and radiance that Lily Pa Designs brings to women of all walks of life.

As I share this incredible session, we are already anticipating the next one. LilypaDesigns is on a journey of continuous growth and expansion, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Our upcoming third session promises even more patterns, designs, and exciting locations.

In the world of LilypaDesigns, bras are not just undergarments—they are statements of self-love, inclusivity, and confidence. We’re honored to capture the essence of this remarkable brand. Until next time, embrace your uniqueness, celebrate your curves, and always remember: your confidence is your most beautiful accessory.


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