My journey began with love stories! Weddings have let me be part of countless magical moments. But I didn't stop there! These days, I'm all about capturing the love of squishy newborns and fun-loving families.

Here's the plot twist – One day, I realized I could do more with my photography skills. I wanted to empower fierce women entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their business goals through captivating branding photography. Their stories, their essence, their brand - all intricately woven into visuals that pulsate with authenticity.

But wait, there's more! I'm not just about pretty pictures - I'm armed with marketing strategies too. From eye-catching digital marketing plans to networking and collaborations that leave your competition in awe – I've got you covered.

Moments, Magic, and Meaning

My journey

fun facts

+ love to laugh. I'm told my laugh is contagious.


+ obsessed with dogs, particularly my two schnauzers Francie and Abby. You can follow them @thefrabbytwins.

+ favorite hobby shopping and fashion. especially Accessories.

+ I love entertaining. From cooking to decor to gathering around a table for conversations and laughs. 

+ I'm a fanatic about organization, planning, and order.

+ Coffee addict. all types.

about krista

I love shopping and fashion. Accessories are my favorite, while I may not be the best at it I love a polished layered look.

about krista

Craft cocktails are my jam! 
I love making them, drinking them, sharing them, experimenting with them...oh and photographing them!
I love entertaining. From cooking to decor to gathering around a table for conversations and laughs. Of course with a good craft cocktail!

about krista

I'm a fanatic about organization, planning, and order. I know weird, that I'm an artist, but I think that's what drew me to photography.

about krista

My dream, other than photography, might turn out to be my retirement plan - run a small, quaint bnb (bed and bar) in the countryside.

about krista

Aldo and I love to travel. Small trips, road trips, weekend trips, full on camping/glamping for 2 weeks, and of course our destination extravaganzas. We love our destinations filled with lush greens and a body of water. 

about krista and aldo

Aldo and I met shooting weddings.
I was working with another photographer and Aldo was working at a camera store. We needed an assistant for weddings and Aldo was looking to make a little side money. That is where our story began 16 years ago. 

about krista and aldo

Meet Francie and Abby our two mini schnauzers, aka our fur-children. They love treats, walks and snuggles (in that order). Follow them on instagram @frabbythetwins. Yup, we're those pet parents! 

feancie and abby

found families

Until we adopted Francie and a year later Abby, I didn't know the love and joy I was missing out on with dogs.

Francie and Abby are definitely our fur-children in every way. Since adopting them, my heart has grown and my love for dogs has become, well maybe a little obsessive. Two is plenty for us but if I could take them all I would! Since that isn’t an option, Aldo and I do what we can from photos to donations to give back to all the dogs in need from the shelters to the boutiques that put in so much love and money into saving these furry friends. Who's up for a doggy playdate or maybe you're ready to adopt your own fur-baby?!?⁠

Recently, I started give back to families within our community through a company called Found Families. 

One of the reasons that I am so passionate about photography and the connections that are shown between those within the shot. In that same way, I am very passionate about helping people connect, grow, and expand. That’s exactly what Found Families is doing. It is providing these adopted families with their first ever family photographs, documenting these important moments and allowing the child to be safe and loved. Even though they are just photos, they are a constant reminder that they are apart of something bigger. 

giving back

near and dear to my heart


watch me in action

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Branding sessions begin at $1000. Headshots $600

Newborn and Families begin at $800.

Social and Corporate Events prices vary and begin at $1200.

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