Treat Yourself for Self Love Month

January 18, 2024

While my speciality may be capturing those perfect branding pictures, take it from those on the other side of the lens (my clients!!!) on how to treat yourself this Self-Love Month!


Picture this: no more last-minute brainstorming sessions, no more frantic content creation dashes, just a clear, organized marketing plan to guide you month by month. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s totally achievable!

I’m thrilled to kick off the year with some strategic marketing insights that’ll make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to creating your marketing plan for 2024. Let’s dive in!


January 11, 2024

6 Tips to Create a Marketing Plan

How to Succeed in 2024!

January 4, 2024

While making goals might be the “thing to do” during this season, don’t forget you can actually make them at anytime, I do it all the time. Another important thing to remember at the end of the year? Reflect on how far you’ve come! Too often, we get caught up in the goal that we didn’t accomplish or the goals we’ve yet to set… I do it all the time. I’ve learned how important it is to take a step back, reflect, congratulate myself and then reassess. Here are a few tips on how and why this is an important part of goal setting and some of my favorite tools to help me stay on track.


We planned this brand photo shoot for therapist Londyn Miller with intention. From the clean, beautiful studio to her props, we thought of it all ahead of time and it made for a magical shoot.


October 26, 2023

Therapist Brand Photos – Londyn Miller

Yearly Marketing Plan

October 10, 2023

Welcome to the ultimate guide for small businesses looking to dominate the digital marketing landscape. In this blueprint, we’ll provide you with a month-by-month plan packed with creative content ideas, engaging social media strategies, and powerful marketing concepts. Helping businesses harness the power of online marketing, increase brand visibility, and ultimately drive sales—all while alleviating the stress of hating social media, not knowing what to post, and feeling unsure about how to engage with their audience.


It’s time for a new branding photo session if you have rebranded, moved, new employees, new products.

For our client, Timea, she not only rebranded, but moved locations and hired 2 new employees! Not to mention made other significant changes to her brand since our less session in 2020 and covid. See her last shoot with us here.


October 6, 2023

Rebranded Photo Refresh for Timea

Fall Vibes

September 22, 2023

I adore the fall season, with its enchanting shift in weather, breathtaking sunsets, the crisp, cool evenings that bring a hint of sweater weather – even here in sunny SoCal. It’s a brief, magical moment when I get to savor my favorite cozy fall vibes, just like I do when capturing the warmth and love within growing families through my photography. I’m sharing my favorite cozy fall vibes with you all below!


When it comes to social media marketing and being a personal brand strategist, there are so many hats that are worn. For our session with Corine of InSocial, we wanted to make sure to show how many hats small business owners wear. She bought 6 different ones and I came up with about a dozen different ways to visually use the hats to relate to her business, strategies messaging and storylines.


September 14, 2023

Social Media Marketing Branding Photos

What Are Mini Holiday Photos?

August 15, 2023

Sign-up for list to be the first to know all the details about this year’s mini holiday photos! The holidays are right around the corner, can you believe it?! Time to document how everyone has changed throughout 2023, and that means it’s time for mini holiday photos! I get a lot of questions about what […]


Repurpose a single blog article into five different marketing content assets to captivate your audience and boost your business.


August 10, 2023

5 Marketing Content Pieces from 1 Blog

Brand Photos for Birthing Center

July 20, 2023

We were honored to shoot branding photos for this birthing center, Mind Body Birth. They provide accessible and individualized healthcare for the pregnancy journey and we wanted to make sure to show the whole brand story.


Taking it back to her roots to share with you all about our recent photo session with the amazing Melanie Klein in her hometown, Carpinteria. We walked in her shoes for the day, heading to some of her favorite spots to work, unwind and recharge.


June 29, 2023

Melanie Klein Branding Session Refresh

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