Therapist Brand Photos – Londyn Miller


October 26, 2023

We planned this brand photo shoot for therapist Londyn Miller with intention. From the clean, beautiful studio to her props, we thought of it all ahead of time and it made for a magical shoot.

The studio we chose allowed for a variety of set-ups, and was such a gorgeous modern setting that is perfect for creatives. We used the space and her props to help tell the stories behind her therapy practice. While some would gravitate toward just headshots and images of working at the computer, we went all out with her strategy.

I had Londyn bring in props that she uses with the clients such as:

  • Lavender
  • Candles
  • Sleep Masks 
  • Soft touches (blanket/stuffed animal)
  • She also brought in artist tools such as music records, a camera, paint brushes, magazines creative, mic, writing, etc to showcase her clients interest and the type of clients she works with, which really expanded visually on her niche.

Telling Her Stories

We wanted to show 5 different stories about Londyn and her therapy practice. Of course we had her pretending to be on therapy calls, celebrating wins, listening, and being engaging! Can you tell there isn’t an actual client on the other end? Nope! She did a great job pretending as I chatted with her. Hey, maybe I ended up getting a little therapy during this session, lol. This really helped evoke the true expressions, hand gestures, and moments that she experiences and provides for her clients.

Healing, Roots & Releasing

One of my favorites was coming up with how to visually showcase healing, roots and releasing. Can you see what we did here? We included shots of bandaid, her rooted in her history, culture, and of course meditation.

Therapy Headshots – Relatable and Creative!

We wanted to show who Londyn is, using her props and body language to create the perfect headshots for a therapist.

Beauty & Trauma (What Trauma Can Look Like)

Showcasing the beauty in working through trauma and what that can look like for Londyn’s clients.


We can never forget to celebrate on our shoots. While some clients don’t think they would need or use them, I can tell you from experience that they ALWAYS end up loving having these sorts of images. They are perfect to use not only for things like business anniversaries, but as photos in newsletters, announcing a sale, and so much more!

The Artist Client

Last but not least, we used those props that Londyn brought to showcase the talents and personalities of many of her clients. This helps bring relatability into her brand photos, so when clients are looking at them, they can feel a sense of connection. I loved being able to tell some of their stories through her eyes.

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