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Beautiful photos don’t just happen by pointing and shooting. Photography is an inspired art, a honed skill and an important service. I have been shooting since 1998 and went full time in 2008. I have experienced it all, the ups and downs, the imposter syndrome, and the highlights of being featured in top magazines. It's such a rewarding experience. Through the years I have changed my photography path, learned from my mistakes, grown as a human, found myself and my voice (even if it is constantly evolving) and made some amazing connections. I'm here to share what I have learned, the failures that helped me grow, my insight, tips and tricks. Whether you are just starting out, want to learn more and get serious about your business, or maybe you need a hype girl to help inspire and encourage you - I'd love to help. I am an open book and will walk you through all the sticky, hard parts of running a photography busines.

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Tips and tools on how to utilize your images to attract your ideal client. Covering website review, social media strategy, email marketing and blogging. 

+ Review of your current website and social media 
+ Tips and tools on how to utilize your images to attract your ideal client. 

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investment starts at $275


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A professional’s opinion on your work. You get to share your images and talk about how your current approach serves your goals and ideal clients. A review or critique of your current portfolio or help selecting the best images to showcase for your ideal market.

+ 1 Hour recorded video call

review includes:

investment starts at $150

portfolio review

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A one hour call to discuss any questions you have to grow your business from technical how-to, your niche, networking, shooting style, marketing, imposter syndrome, system processes, workflow, goal setting or anything else you wish you knew.

+ 1 Hour recorded video call 
+ Topic of your choice

mentoring includes:

investment starts at $275

1:1 mentoring

Madeleine Rosenthal

Thank you so much for such an amazingly thoughtful email! This is all such great advice, and it really helps to hear your personal stories of “mess ups.” It’s good to be reminded that everyone has them and I’m not alone in that. It can be frustrating when I feel like I'm not at the level I want to be, but I really like what you said about simply being better than yesterday.

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