Maternity Photos on the Beach


October 19, 2023

Do you remember this session from way back when?! Well, let me bring you to today – same location and same family, just one more on the way! Morgen’s family is expecting baby girl number 3! Look how big our big sister is now!

Fun Facts About Shooting with Kids and Maternity Photos!

  • Kids are still obsessed with the water during beach shoots (just as you’d think they’d be!), but being in a setting like this is actually a tad easier to control and have them pay attention.
  • I don’t know if you know this, but my secret weapon to get those children smiles is rewards, toys and lollipops! Since these girls have worked with me on numerous occasions, they knew what was coming. Mind you, they asked for them several times throughout the shoot, but it works like a charm every time! Gotta earn that lollipop haha, and lots of jokes in between!
  • I love how excited these girls are for baby sis and the sweet kisses and hugs they are giving moms belly!
  • I let scream, cry tantrum meltdowns happen all the time (don’t worry parents, I capture those funny blackmail moments too) and then I work my magic to bring them back with smiles (well, most of the time, sometimes I’m not so successful and we chalk that up to that’s this years mood, lol)
  • I love letting the kids run wild to burn off that energy and not let the session and smiles become fake. One of my favorites is letting the kids run around while mom and dad are posed, they love this and we make a game out of it!
  • The love to capture the laughs between mom and dad and what new life changes are about to happen!
  • The fun, energetic vibes of kids capture the playfulness, goofy smiles, and crazy, fun chaos that result in authentic family moments and your authentic family portraits.
  • Working with the wind at the beach is always fun, so just know if you have a beach session, embrace the beach hair! Love that our mama-to-be did just that, but doesn’t she look stunning for her maternity photos!?

Ready for your own family photos on the beach? Maternity photos, holiday photos, just because – beach photo sessions are some of our absolute favorite! Let’s chat, no strings attached!


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