Fun Ideas for Your 2023 Holiday Photo Sessions!


October 17, 2023

Baking Cookies with the Littles

What’s a more fun memory than letting the kids make a little mess and eat all the sugar? I mean it is the holidays right?!!? And just look at those happy faces!

Confetti Party

Have a joyful celebration with confetti and balloons! The kids love tossing it and it’s a pretty easy clean up! This can be for Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years or whatever your family chooses to celebrate!

Cozy At Home Edition

Nothing says family gatherings, love and connection more than capturing your favorite activities in your own home!

Family Activity

Is there an activity that your family loves doing together? That’s the perfect thing to document for you to save for years to come and shows a great glimpse into your family for your holiday cards!

Graphic Wall

Let’s add some color and art to your holiday this year! These backgrounds are super colorful, artistic and make for some playful moments.

Tree Farm

What says Christmas more than a tree farm?! Have fun with it and while your at it take home your Christmas Tree.

Festive Holi Powder

Throw some colorful Holi Powder around to add some cheer to this year! It’s safe, washable and captures the most genuine laughs!

Holiday Outfits

Keep it simple with your Holiday Outfits! Coordinate holiday colors or maybe match completely with a matching pajama set! This could be so fun!

SoCal Beach

Nothing says SoCal more than having your holiday portraits taken at the beach! Maybe you will get lucky and have a beautiful hazy dreamy day like we did here.


A controlled environment within a professional studio space, offering a modern style for various setups and backdrops.

Why choose a studio? Because it’s where magic meets minimalism, creating a canvas that allows you to truly shine. Whether you’re going for classic or modern, our studio provides the versatile backdrop you’ve been dreaming of.⁠ Perfect for 4th quarter for a little holiday business OR stunning neutral holiday photos for your family!

This year’s studio offering!

$495⁠ // ONE DAY ONLY⁠
Come shoot a fun session in⁠an amazing studio!
October 28th⁠

– 20 minute session⁠
– white, modern, minimalist⁠
– 25 digital hi-res files to download⁠

The Row Holiday Set-up

Utilizing the picturesque and festive settings often found at The ROW DTLA after Thanksgiving. Especially the decorated set-ups or shops, to create a unique and charming backdrop for family photos.

Ice Skating – Help Me Capture This One This Year!

Get your family engaged in the joyful activity of ice skating, whether at an outdoor rink with twinkling lights or an indoor facility, evoking a classic holiday atmosphere.


I am offering multiple session options depending on your needs as a family! Book your Family Holiday Portrait Full-Session which can be done on-location or at-home! Or do one of our mini sessions if you are just looking for a couple shots for your holiday cards! I can’t wait to see you and your family!


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