Composed Living’s Home Remodel with Olazko Interiors


March 28, 2024

If you read last week’s blog about Composed Living’s grand opening of their storefront, today you’re going to be so excited to read about how Elsa and her team offer their in-home organization too! We combined both the remodel of Elsa’s home and design by Olazko Interiors along with the business of Composed Living. It was the perfect collaboration brand session between home organizer and interior designer.

You may remember Robin of Olazko Interiors from previous blogs as she is also one of our branding clients. Robin designed everything in Elsa’s remodel, from the kitchen and the hardware to the textiles! She also came the day of the shoot and styled everything, which was such a special touch! This was an incredible way to make this a two-fold session and showcase both of their brands and talents. Everything about the designing of this home was a team effort, as the space was designed to be beautiful AND functional from an organization perspective. Taking a blank space and making it a functional and organizing living area!

We had a goal of telling 5 visual stories about Elsa’s brand, Composed Living.

  1. Staged Rooms
  2. Teams and Elsa working in Rooms
  3. Education / conscious consumer / sustainability
  4. Donations and Composed Giving
  5. Elsa!

I went room by room, first photographing the beautiful interior and design, then the functionality and organization. Getting those room shots can be challenging lighting wise and sometimes dark rooms take much more time and effort, but are totally worth it. Look at this stunning bathroom and kitchen!

I love me little vignette details! Depending on the brand, sometimes like with organizing, I am able to show so much through these little vignette shots. What do you think?!

Elsa had her whole team for the session to show what it’s like to work on a project with Composed Living. Look at them all organizing and having fun! Who knew organizing could be so fun?! Secretly, I did, it’s one of my favorite things! If I could live in a magazine catalog I would lol

One of Elsa’s big projects other than the kitchen makeover was the garage and the multi-fuction of it! It’s not just a garage, but a guest room storage and game area for the family. Plus, it all looks neat and organized! What a dream!

We also wanted to showcase her new side of business, Composed Giving. Elsa’s heart. Elsa is all about giving back and recycling, nothing goes to waste if it doesn’t need to. From your old clothes, decor, she even recycled the floors and cabinets when she redid her home.

“At Composed Living, we are passionate about creating organized spaces because we believe in the healing power of our surroundings.

Through partnerships with various non-profits, a second life is given to items that no longer serve a purpose in our clients’ homes. This creates less waste while directly benefiting those in need. We take great care to ensure that all client donations are gifted directly to someone in need in our community, and that nothing goes unnecessarily to a landfill.”

I love collaborating with Elsa on projects and showcasing Composed Living. She is always down for whatever creative ideas and concepts I dream up and loves to be photographed! I know a rarity amongst us, lol.


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