1st Birthday with Her Puppy Dog


April 4, 2024

It was such an honor to capture this social butterfly Scarlett’s 1st birthday photos, along with her beloved puppy dog, Rocket. They truly have the most special bond and this shoot was the perfect way to document not only her first birthday, but these incredible family memories to look back on.

Scarlett turned 1 in November, which is the height of holiday season. What is normally not a crowded zone to photograph in, was a photographer at ever corner just beyond the camera. Thanks to our professional techniques you’d have no idea!

Scarlett was a happy baby for the shoot, but she likes to be on the move. Because she is still getting used to walking, she was a little unstable on a bumpy road and took a tumble (you might spot the red bump in a few photos). She got back up, dusted herself off and was ready to keep exploring. What a champ. I thought it was game over 5 minutes in, but she did great and with a little Photoshop help, mom and dads favorites are bump free.

Look how adorable driving miss daisy and her doggie are. OMG I couldn’t get over the cuteness of these two together. They really do have a special bond. When Mom reached out to me to say her husband (dad) wanted to include his vintage bug in some photos, I jumped for joy! I love props like these, especially when it has such meaning to the family and this is Dad’s first baby (even before Rocket the dog, lol).

Of course after some family shots and a few car shots, we did a cake smash! I always love these sessions. We don’t need anything elaborate, just a baby and cake. Sometimes they love it, sometimes it’s a challenge for them to understand as usually it’s one of the first times they are getting anything sweet!

It was such a special day to document! If you have a babe who has an upcoming birthday, (1st birthday or 12th, or any birthday at all) these sessions are the perfect way to preserve that moment in time.


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