Compass Realtor Brand Photos with Julie Mollo Homes


June 13, 2024

This is my third time working with Julie Mollo and her Compass Realtor team! We love it when our branding clients return. For us, that means their images are working and their business is growing. Woohooo!

Wondering how often you should have your brand photos taken? It depends!

  • The #1 reason: They are offering new services, products, or their team has grown!
  • Rebranding, target market change, or new business direction: I put all of these in the “require” category, as in they really require new photos to make sure to continue to show off who your business is and help you really reach your target audience.
  • Continued growth with existing brand and target market: Every 1-2 years is a good refresh interval, just like your portfolio or hairstyle – they are always being refreshed and so should your photos!

Let’s dive into Julie’s Brand Journey!

Our first session was our middle essential package back in 2021. We did a full brand session – it was when I was fully pivoting into brand photography and stepping away from weddings! Then in 2022, we did a mini session because Julie had a hair change and wanted some updated images for herself. Those worked great until her team changed and grew, her hair had a whole new look, and she needed a brand photo overhaul. So that’s exactly what we did! A brand new shoot. We were lucky enough to utilize a home she had up on the market (Julie is a real estate agent for Compass and one of the warmest, friendliest, and most welcoming people I’ve had the privilege to meet!).

Little did she know her team would then double in size, and we’re scheduled for a team refresh later this year! Go Julie Go!

Brand Strategy for Your Session

Here’s a glimpse into the brand strategy we cover for each shoot: We started with an overview of Julie Mollo Homes’ brand message, ideal client, keywords, and visual goals. From there, I then break down 3-5 storylines and create a gallery of images Julie can use for all marketing purposes.

  • Story 1: Team Shots Working/With Clients
  • Story 2: Celebratory
  • Story 3: Julie Working
  • Story 4: Walking Neighborhood Houses

One of my favorite things about the brand photo process is reviewing the brand questionnaire about our clients, their business, message, and goals. I love taking that information and turning it into a visual goldmine that captures the brand’s personality and offers creative ideas. For example, the computer with the SOLD sign and a glass of champagne to celebrate closing on a house – they can continue to adapt and update that image anytime they sell a home!

Let’s Get You Branded and Refreshed

Are you looking to expand your brand? Have you just revamped your style? Did you hire a new team? Let’s work together to share your brand stories to your potential clients! I can’t wait to support you along the way.


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