Positive Critiques and Expectations

August 29, 2022

I often used to tell my husband, “I wish my images were better… I wish my business *fill in the ‘better’ blank*“. Then, he would look at my images and says they are great, but my reaction would be “yeah, but….”. We all do it, but the key is to be proud of what you […]


Welcome, baby Noa! Get ready for the most precious, princess of girly, newborn session! I love Mom’s style of natural and natural mixed with the pop of pinks and glam headbands! So freaking adorable.


August 25, 2022

Baby Noa Newborn Session

What Is A Mini Session?

August 18, 2022

I get this question a lot, and I thought it would be the perfect time to explain to you what a mini session is!

A typical portrait experience lasts an hour or more, a mini session only lasts 20 minutes. It is a simple quick session where you know it will just focus on getting a few great, key shots for your holiday card or to update the walls of your home or document a memory of this moment in time. This is great if you have kiddos (or husbands) that don’t love being in a lot of pictures!

Mini sessions allow current clients the potential to have multiple sessions throughout the year. It allows them to document the moments that change in an instant, and are a great way for a new client to have a small taste of the Krista Mason Photography experience.


I love when my past wedding vendors want to collaborate on product or branding sessions! It seriously brings me so much happiness!

The biggest part that I miss about weddings are the connections made with all my favorite vendors, so when I get a chance to continue to work with them in new ways, it is so fulfilling and heartwarming!


August 12, 2022

Made by Meg Branding Session

Wouldn’t You Like to Know : Getting Past the “Oops”

August 4, 2022

Welcome to our new Mentorship series! My raw and real, personal story of how I got to where I am and how you can too! This month is all about what I learned from my mistakes.
Looking for a mentor to help you in business? I’m here to share what I have learned, the failures that helped me grow, my insight, tips and tricks. Whether you are just starting out, want to learn more and get serious about your business, or maybe you need a hype girl to help inspire and encourage you – I’d love to help.


Are you just starting out in your business or a side gig and maybe just need a few updated headshots? The ones to use for your profile images, about pages and or feature images for articles, podcasts or speaking? Maybe you aren’t in need or ready for a full lifestyle branding session. I get it!

But, I have the perfect solution for you. One of our mini branding sessions. We will capture all those necessary headshot images that take your social media, websites and more to the next level by showing your clients who you are!


July 28, 2022

Mini Branding Session Headshots

What is a Branding Session and What Can It Be Used For?

July 22, 2022

Thinking you don’t need a branding session? Picture this… You have your marketing and PR team working hard for you. Your website is killer and your social media game is strong. You have your brand distinguished with your logo, fonts, colors and message. You have followers that engage and customers who adore you. Did you know that they want to know more about you and your story? After all, you are your brand. They want those behind the scenes shots. They want to know what a day in the life of you is all about. But most of all? They want to see your stunning face!


I love when I get to work with not only the sweetest couple ever, but mama-to-be Nayiri was all about having photos taken! Those are my kind of people!


July 16, 2022

Sweetest Baby Shower for Nayiri and Scott

Featured on Voyage LA

July 12, 2022

We are so honored and excited to have been featured on Voyage LA! It was so much fun chatting with them about Krista Mason Photography, and about my story! I so often get to work work clients and get to know their story and what makes their business special and unique, but I don’t often tell people about mine! Read below or head over to their site to see it in entirety!


When you find your specialty and really get it hone in on it and make it yours, it’s the perfect time to document that momentum and use it to help you up-level your brand. We were so excited to work with Lindsey to show off all the different facets of her brand, Lindsey Long Equine Photography, including the the behind-the-scenes work!


July 8, 2022

Lindsey Long Equine Photography Branding Session

Sole Entrepreneurs in Photography

June 24, 2022

It’s scary to start a new venture and sometimes the fear gets in our way. Especially as sole entrepreneurs. Putting yourself out there, asking for the sale, being vulnerable as an artist, and not to mention the systems and running a business. Man, it sure isn’t for the faint of heart.
I’m here to share what I have learned, the failures that helped me grow, my insight, tips and tricks. Whether you are just starting out, want to learn more and get serious about your business, or maybe you need a hype girl to help inspire and encourage you – I’d love to help.


Sometimes older siblings just don’t want to cooperate and that’s okay! We will still capture wonderful images of your family, and the star of the show, the newborn!


June 16, 2022

Newborn Session with Siblings!

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