Melanie Klein’s Quarterly Branding Shoot


March 9, 2023

Since we didn’t get to tell all of Melanie’s story lines in her first session and she continually needs new content for her marketing, Melanie decided to book our quarterly sessions. Interested in our quarterly sessions? Let’s chat!

If you recall her first session, we covered 3 story lines

  • Story 1 : Empowerment Coaching – Powerful, fun, freedom!
  • Story 2 : Purpose, profits and roadblocks vs breakthroughs
  • Story 3 : Education and Spirituality

Now we are covering the same brand stories, but with different locations and outfits for more variety in content. Quarterly branding photography sessions provide a cost-effective and flexible way to keep your brand’s visual content fresh and consistent throughout the year.

Our continual quarterly sessions are 2 hours and the perfect way to continue to build your brand content.

It’s a great way to figure out any photo gaps that you may be encountering after your first session, or what your ideal clients may resonate with and want to see more of.

It’s also great to allow for season changes, in weather, clothing options and your business seasonal changes.

Melanie wanted a few new updated headshots in her TEDx outfit around Santa Monica, oh yeah check out her powerful Tedx talk!!!

She also wanted a few cafe working shots, her with the books she has written and in her happy place at the beach. Since we missed the beach last time, it was a great opportunity to fill in those images.

Interested in booking your own Quarterly Content Session? Book during our Quarterly Content Day or a full branding session!


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