Empowered Branding Session with Melanie Klein


January 10, 2023

Melanie and I met at our client appreciation party last April and we immediately hit it off. Our personalities just clicked right away and Melanie knew she wanted to have her lifestyle branding photos with me to capture her personality and have some fun. Her number one comment was, ‘I knew you were perfect for the job with your high energy and vibrance’.

As you may know, I work with my clients to bring their brand’s stories to life. For Melanie, who offers Integrated Empowerment Coaching and Consulting for business professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives and visionaries we had 3 stories to share!

  • Story 1 : Empowerment Coaching – Powerful, fun, freedom!
  • Story 2 : Purpose, profits and roadblocks vs breakthroughs
  • Story 3 : Education and Spirituality

“I blend my education and research in Women’s Studies and Sociology with my social justice work, community organizing, and practices in yoga, wellness and mindfulness over the last 25+ years to create a powerful and personalized container for exponential growth.”

Melanie worked with one of our trusted stylists for her session and I have to say it made for smooth sailing. It was so wonderful to have the confidence in her outfits and have those outfits match with the story lines. Unfortunately, the clothes didn’t arrive on time (fun story about that), but based on the stylists recommendations, Melanie was able to pull similar looks together for her session and still feel confident!

Her glasses are an important part of her style and we wanted to make sure to include them and avoid any glare from the lenses. We talked on our pre-call about reaching out to her optometrist to see about borrowing a pair of frames without lenses to avoid the reflection in some scenarios. Her optometrist was so incredibly awesome about it! He loaned her 3 frames, which was smart on his part because she ended up buying one of those frames because she loved them so much! This was the perfect solution and she looks amazing in the glasses, with no flares or reflections!

Most of Melanie’s work as a coach is via phone, so she actually called a client/friend and had a chat with her for real authentic video calls. This was such a fun way to tell her story, with her actually doing the work! I was able to capture her real mannerisms and energy of a call, which really shows her future clients what she would be like on their calls as well – happy, fun, energized and supportive!

I think her shoot provides a perfect example of how even if things don’t go EXACTLY like you have planned, we will still capture content that embodies your brand and tells your story. Sometimes we don’t make it through all the story lines, ideas and locations, like in Melanies’s case. But that is not a problem, because we will be working together quarterly to fill up Melanie’s content for all her marketing purposes. What we missed we will be able to capture next session. It’s also a great way to figure out any photo gaps in-between sessions and be able to take note to create those images you found yourself looking for in your marketing.

Stay tuned for her next quarterly session, including a beach location and some celebratory shots! Feeling empowered to do your own session? For more information on your own branding session or if you have any questions, inquire here. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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