Ignite Your Inspiration


March 31, 2023

Here are 5 ways to ignite your inspiration and beat the work blues to find your way to success! We all get in that rut of losing our spark or inspiration or even creativity. We are all in this together!

Here are a few ways to light the fire again.

1. Think Back To Your Start

Remember your ‘why’. What made you start in the first place and take that risk. A book that helps me to get back on track is by Simon Sinek – “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action“.

2. Take a Class, Join a Workshop, or Try Something New

Learn a new skill or refine the one that you are in by learning from others. Even as a veteran that has been doing this a long time, every time I speak to another photographer, I also learn something new. A new way to do something, approach something. Learning keeps us motivated to do better.

3. Be a Mentor

This one has really helped me. I get excited to talk to other photographers or small business start-ups and sharing my experiences, lessons and what mistakes to avoid. It’s not all glamour no matter how much social media makes it seem like it is. Giving others hope, insights and guidance gave me a purpose again.

4. Start a New Project

What’s something that you have really been wanting to try, play with, explore, experiment with?! Now is the time to do it. Something new will light your creative juices again. This is a project for you, something fun and inspiring.

5. Connect with a Colleague

Such a good one! Most likely you will find that your colleague has experienced the same thing and you aren’t alone. We often feel so alone in our work as sole entrepreneurs that sometimes we forget others are experiencing the same thing. Grab a coffee, lunch or just a phone chat and watch how you light each other up!

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