4 Week Newborn Session


March 3, 2022

Sometimes life with a newborn is just too much and challenging, so your newborn session gets delayed – I totally get it. For this family, we did their newborn session when their sweet babe was 4-weeks old!

Baby and Her Multigenerational Family

In this families situation, mama had reached out to me post-birth for a newborn session. Then, as all parents of a newborn can relate to, they had a difficult week with baby and the session got delayed a bit more.

We got some pretty adorable images with her and her siblings, and even her grandparents were able to participate and document this special time! Both parents come from big families, and they love the chaos – the more the merrier! As a multi-generational household, we were able to capture images that show their day to day life and how important the grandparents are in their children’s lives. Another adorable moment was that the big sisters wanted to help with all things baby, and it was so special to capture them all together!

One of the reasons that this mama reached out was to make sure that she also got to be in some photos with her new baby and other children, since she is usually the one taking them! These moments happen in the blink of the eye and I totally agree that having photos of your entire family of five is something that is absolutely wonderful to have documented. Photos of mom with baby, dad with baby, siblings with baby, and all together – plus many more shots.

Newborn Session Don’t Have to Be Booked Right Away!

As much as I encourage to book before baby is due with our ‘floating date based on delivery’ to ensure that we capture your newborn, sometimes things happen and that isn’t always possible. And that’s ok!!! Reach out and we can talk about booking your newborn asap, like we did with this adorable 4 week old baby! Click here to inquire!


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