The Money Class Branding Session


March 24, 2022

It is especially fun to work with new companies – those that are just starting out, creating their websites and social accounts, and together we get to create the story for their brand, in this case, The Money Class.

The gals from The Money Class reached out to me looking for images for all the normal social media, headshot, website images… but with the twist that we were going to be taking pictures to launch their brand! This truly is my dream come true when working with a client, as it allows all of our creative juices to flow so that we can decide how to truly show off and educate their ideal client through their branding images.

The Money Class is here to make financial education uncomplicated and take the fear out of it. “Most of us didn’t grow up learning these things. We’re changing that.” During our shoot, we wanted to make sure to have fun, and show that financial education doesn’t have to be scary – these 3 women are here to educate you and ease any hesitancies! “Our goal is to provide accessible financial education to all those who took the path less traveled to pursue their dreams, entrepreneurs, self-starters and creatives.” If you’re reading that, this might even apply to you, it applies to me!! There is always so much to learn as an independent business owner! Taking messy financial education and making it easy, breezy and organized.

Shooting on location is great and one of my favorite things to do for our branding clients. In this case, we didn’t have an office or desk set-up so we used a quiet corner in a local coffee shop to provide that working environment story. Since these ladies come together for their business at different locations, it was perfect to showcase how they gather and work together, often at a local coffee shop.

Don’t have the perfect office or home for your branding sessions? Don’t worry, I have lots of location options that we can discuss and keep everything on brand for you. We will use little nooks that you would never have even expected to be the perfect spot for your branding images, but they are!

Can we talk about how these ladies nailed the fashion part of their branding session. It may have all come together last minute (one of them traveling from New York), but can we agree they killed it! Their outfits showed their personality, and how finance can be fun, sophisticated and NOT scary!

“I am normally so uncomfortable taking pictures. I never know what to do with my hands and body. My clothes always feel like they don’t fit right it’s the worst. Krista made me feel so comfortable and gave me the best direction and made the time fly in my painful shoes! I was so surprised that I enjoyed having my pictures taken so much.” It is one of my personal goals as your branding photographer to make you feel comfortable and confident while being photographed, and those make for the best pictures too! I might do silly things to make you giggle, but I am all about helping to create your confidence so we can show your true personality in your photos!

Are you looking to also up-level your branding photography or want to launch your business with some brand images that speak to your ideal client like The Money Class gals did? I’d love to chat, no strings attached! Let’s see how we can bring out the best in each other and find the perfect way to showcase your brand. Inquire here.


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