What to Wear for Your Branding Session


February 24, 2022

One of the questions I am asked the most often prior to a branding session is “What do I wear!?!”. Not to fear, I am here to support and guide you so that we can show off your brand and connect with your ideal clients. What you wear communicates a lot about your brand and your personality!

Depending on the branding session that you decide on, this will also help you to know how many outfits that you should have planned for your session.

My biggest tip, first and foremost, is wear colors that are in alignment with your brand. Equally wear something that fits your personality and style for yourself and your brand, and that you feel comfortable and confident in.

Here are some fun ideas on what to wear for your next branding sessions



Most important….BE YOU! We know that you want the best portraits possible and you have seen the most adorable outfit and want to copy it. That’s great! But use it as inspiration and don’t wear something that you will be uncomfortable and self-conscious in. It will show. Our collaborative goal is to show the most authentic you, not just from the inside, but from what you are wearing.

You are perfect the way you are and we want to showcase YOU! Below are some helpful guidelines to help you wear what makes you feel the best, the most comfortable, and the most like yourself. You don’t want to wear a formal ballgown and then always show up to your clients in jeans and a t-shirt. The entire concept of a branding session is to showcase you and build the like, know and trust factor with your clients. So wear what you would for a meeting, office, work from home, date night, brunch, etc. Of course you can glam it all up, but be sure the core of the outfit is you!


The use of these images will be for your website, social media and marketing materials, so it’s best to keep your brand colors in mind when selecting your wardrobe. You don’t want to wear a hot pink top when your brand is soft and neutrals. It won’t flow and will clash with your brand for any of your marketing and social feeds. You have creative freedom on how to incorporate your brand colors, you don’t have to wear the exact colors, it can be soft hints or a matching blend. You get to choose.


Wear what you would normally wear, but step it up a notch. What does this mean? If you normally wear jeans and a t-shirt, go for it! Wear it for your session. But add a little more flair to it. Add a necklace or scarf or some adorable shoes to add some character so that you shine through. More suggestions would be: scarves, hats, bow ties, vests, hair accessories, etc. that make a great addition to your outfit. These things will help make everything feel polished. But don’t let the accessories take over or clash. Accessories are also a good way to help you interact for your photos. Playing with your scarf, wrapping in a blanket.


Jackets and shirts with cardigans underneath or a jacket over a dress can bring such beautiful dimension to the photographs. Be sure to bring options, such as these, to try out and see if they work.

5. PATTERNS…we love a little pattern

Feel free to use pattern, but be sure it is not overwhelming or clashing with your brand style!


Make sure you can move in your outfit. You don’t want to wear something that will restrict your movement. If you are wearing something too tight or too loose, it will restrict you and compromise the look of your images.


Make sure that your outfits coordinate with your location – and don’t forget to think about how your colors and patterns will reflect in the location. You will get lost in the background of a forest if you’re wearing green and browns as you will blend in. The colors of your outfits should play off the location. Bold hues and softer shades look nice in a neutral or urban setting.

What to Avoid

– Logos, graphics, writing, characters etc. You want to keep it clean and classy

– Shirts with short hemlines and mid-drifts – dress for your shape

– Super short skirts

Glasses can represent a particular challenge in portraits. The lenses tend to distort the face, producing a less than pleasing effect. In general we know that you will not be pleased with portraits taken through the lenses of your existing glasses, so please be prepared to have your portraits taken either without glasses or without lenses in your frames. If glasses are apart of your everyday look, reach out and we will figure out the best way to make this work for you!

As always, rules are meant to be broken and if you are on the fence about an outfit, please feel free to ask us beforehand or bring it along to the session for some advice!

Now for the fun part – the styles to incorporate for your shoot!


If you’re anything like me, your work from home situation is sweats and a sloppy t-shirt, lol. But, that’s not exactly what we want to show for your branding session. I mean I change anytime that I know people are coming, lol. My basics are jeans and a t-shirt, it’s what I wear for zoom calls, errands and photoshoots. So wear what you do in your day to day.


Take those jeans and t-shirts and add a blazer or change into a pair of dress pants and a cute top (and then change it up with a blazer). This is a look that you’d wear to a casual client or business meeting.


Let’s get fancy shall we. Wear a cute dress, something you’d wear on a date night, girls brunch or a business event.

Don’t be afraid of colors and patters, but again be sure to stay within brand colors so you can use the images for marketing.


What do you wear “on-the-job”? For me, it depends on the session. Portraits: jeans and a t-shirt, Branding: a cute, fun, casual-comfortable look (gotta move and bend and squat a lot) and most Events: all black. If you’re an event planner be sure to include what you’d wear on the day of the event. If you’re a doctor, be sure to include what your clients see you in at the office, is it a lab coat or scrubs?

And add those accessories – I have a whole other blog coming to you about props!

Let’s chat! I want to hear more about you, the person behind the business and help to see what gaps I can help fill in your branding needs. Let’s do this and find your most ideal clients! Click here to inquire, no strings attached!


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