1 Year Session for Baby Elsa


February 17, 2022

And just like that she is one! How did that happen??! It feels like yesterday that you brought her home and were just now figuring life out with a new baby, and right before your eyes poof, she is growing up!

1 year sessions are one of my favorites to capture. Still a little baby, but with so much personality and curiosity as they learn to live in this world and grow. They interact with props are show you what they like and don’t like, and it is so fun to see how Mom and Dad react too!

You know I love getting creative with sessions and this one was so fun with the milk bath. Mom and I collaborated together for this fun, idea after she emailed me add said she would love to do Elsa’s 1 Year Session with a milk bath. We got our creative juices flowing and decided to do this with flowers and in the cutest tin bath! Plus, how darling is her little romper!

She had so much fun, (maybe a little too much fun, hehe) playing in the milk bath and tasting the flowers. We also took this opportunity to get some shots of the family, stamping this moment in time to show just how small Elsa really was!

Fun fact, Elsa started her 1st day of school a couple weeks ago, so I know momma is cherishing these photos of this baby of hers growing up so fast. Time seriously flies, and these images perfectly capture how life was at that moment, with splashing milk and all!

Interested in a 1 Year Session for your baby, or another year marker? Let’s chat and think of a fun way to document this special time for your little one. Inquire here and see more sessions here!


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