Celebrating Baby With Out of State Family


February 10, 2022

This newborn session for baby Bobbie was a gift from family living on the East Coast during the middle of the pandemic! How crazy that at the time, the only way you could see a new little family member was via photos and the computer screen.

Since they couldn’t come visit due to the COVID restrictions, they decided to gift this beautiful family with a newborn session. What a great gift and way to share your newborn with the world without having people come in and out of your home (the ones you want to share with and the ones you wish hadn’t shown up, lol).

Having a newborn is a difficult time – everyone is trying to adjust to the new way of life. Newborn sessions are a great way to not just treasure these moments, but capture your baby to share with the world – especially while you still trying to figure out how to keep yourself and this new little nugget alive. It can help take the pressure off of you trying to figure out how to have everyone come by and say hi.


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