Headshots vs Lifestyle Branding


August 20, 2021

Which does your business need?

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking “how do I choose which session is the best for me and my business?!”. I want to take out all the guesswork and explain what headshots and lifestyle branding shoots contain and how it can fulfill different needs in your business marketing. So let’s dive into what each type is, and then work to find which is best for you!


A basic headshot is just that! A new pic of you to update your profile image and show your face to the world. This may include several outfits, poses and crops, but at the end of the day it’s still a profile image (usually you smiling and facing the camera) to update your current ‘About’ page, social media icons etc.


A lifestyle session is so, so much more! Together we create a cohesive library of images to tell the story of your business, brand and personality. This helps by visually communicating to your ideal clients what you do, how you do it, who you are and your uniqueness. We love helping you to show off the superpowers of you and your business – because after all, no one is quite like you or can do what you do the way you do it! Depending on which option you opt for, our lifestyle sessions include several different story lines, action shots, BTS shots, your processes, product or business tools, and detail shots. The goal is to create imagery that your target client will associate with your brand and lifestyle.

Now that you understand the difference between a headshot and lifestyle session, which one is right for you? Let’s answer a few questions:

What are you using the images for?

To recap, a headshot shoot is used to capture 1 or 2 images to use on social media profiles or about sections. Personal branding photos are an extensive, cohesive library to show more details about you and your business. Are you A). just looking to update your social icons OR B.) do you need updated website images, blog images or social media images to share with your audience? If A, mark one point down for a headshot session. If B, mark one point down for a lifestyle branding session!

Are you trying to communicate your business to your clients and potential clients on a regular basis?

A branding session is the way to do this. Creating a library of images to pull from on a regular basis and not always using the same style and headshot images. 

Building trust with your clients?

Showing your face, your processes, your personality and details that connect with your potential clients is the best way to build trust. A branding session will showcase your expertise and create that trust factor with your clients. If you are currently using a stock image or only your logo on your social media, then a headshot session would be great for you- even just changing out that stock image would allow current and future clients to connect with you more and build trust in who you are as an actual person, as well as a business.

People want to know and trust who they are working with or purchasing from. Let’s show them all of that! A headshot sessions gives them the face to trust, while a lifestyle branding session does a deep dive into who your business is!

Are you a creative, small business owner, or provide a personal service?

A personal branding session is the best way to grow and build your relationship with your audience, clients and potential clients.

Is your work for a corporate job or more behind the scenes?

If so, a headshot session is perfect for you.

Do you find yourself struggling to have consistent content for your website, blogs and social media?

Let’s build your brand library so you have more than enough images to fill these gaps. Even something as little as a personalized “stock” image that can be used in multiple places makes a huge difference in sharing who you are as a brand to your clients. 

Let’s book your branding session today. We will make a list of your photo gaps, your goals, and what you want to communicate to your audience. Plus, a specific, detailed shot list for content to share. This will assist in our process to create the perfect library for your clients to get to know you! Click here to inquire.

Check out some of our past branding sessions to give you an idea of the content and stories that we visually capture beyond just your headshot, like you working on the computer, on the phone or with a cup of coffee. 

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