Mini Senior Portrait Sessions


August 12, 2021

We often work with clients who are looking for something special that embodies who they are and capture that moment in time! Shayna had her senior portrait taken through her school, but she wanted a little something more to fit her personality. Casual, and not so overwhelming.

“I am super excited, I have dreamed about getting my senior pictures done since I was in elementary school and my cousins had them done.”

So with that in mind, I created a special package just for her. The session didn’t need to be in multiple locations with tons and tons of outfits, or several hours long. It needed something new, something just for someone celebrating a special moment. With that, I introduce to you our mini senior sessions. Perfect for those of you that want to remember this time as you navigate from high school onto your next adventures as an adult.

For Shayna, she will be attending TCU and leaving home to experience a whole new world. She is so excited and so we decided to include her TCU sweater as part of her look with cowboy boots. Mom also wanted to remember that little girl forever, so we included her kindergarten photo as part of the session! How cute right!?!?

Like with many of our shoots, we provide a questionnaire to get to know you a little better beforehand. This helps us to prep for your shoot and give you a personalized experience. A few quotes from Shayna’s were: “I am pretty outgoing, enjoy being around others! I am very athletic and studious {…} I play golf and like to bake.” With that in mind, I knew just the right type of poses to position her in, and how to use my own energy to play into the shoot. We had the best time!

Are you interested in senior portrait sessions for yourself or your child? I’d LOVE to chat and make it happen. Inquire here!


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