Organized Branding Shoot!


June 17, 2021

You are no stranger to Elsa and Composed Living, the organized queen! She is a repeat client and I am always so excited to update her photo library with fresh content! If you remember my previous session with Elsa, I mentioned she only had stock photography featured on her social media and website. Now her images are beautiful, personalized and sprinkled throughout her site and social media.

Elsa loved her first session with me, but found she wanted a more extensive library of images of herself and her work. This happens more often than you think and is totally normal! I honestly love it, and welcome it with open arms because I just can’t wait to work with my branding clients again.

Before we started working together Elsa told me:

“My biggest fear was that our home didn’t have enough natural light to provide great photographs. Also, I was very worried that we would run out of time and not be able to capture as many photos as I wanted. Neither of these fears came true – on the contrary, Krista did such an incredible job of capturing the natural light that was in our home, and her editing process made the photos so stunningly beautiful it was hard for me to believe it was the same house. Also, Krista was able to capture so many gorgeous pics in our session – way more than I anticipated!”

Elsa has found that her expanding library of images is being used for work every single day. The unexpected benefit for her was having so many headshots that to send to podcasts, magazines etc.

We snapped a bunch of images around her beautifully organized and designed home, that not only allows her to showcase her work, but also document her home for her to look back on in years to come! “I love being in our home surrounded by everyone we love. I’m very introverted, and am also a cancer, so being at home is my favorite place to be! Preferably with a bottle of wine. or two.”

About Composed Living: Composed Living focuses on creating simple, sustainable solutions that are easy to maintain. We focus less on purchasing products and more on repurposing existing belongs and creating solutions that make sense for our clients. It doesn’t always have to look like Pinterest in order to be functional.

Looking to get started on your own branding photo journey, like Elsa? Inquire here to set up a consultation. I can’t wait to chat with you!


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