Birthday Photoshoot Fun!


July 9, 2021

Summer is in full swing and gone are the days of stay-at-home. Traveling, gatherings, birthday celebrations, hugs, beach days, and get-togethers have come back to life! Many families who haven’t seen each other in over a year are coming together in masses and I am loving it! Aren’t you?

Looking for some fun ways to excite your family about their photo session? Take a cue from this adorable family that had a holi powder fight for their session. It not only captured the moment in time with the kids growing so fast, but pure and true excitement. I call this an adventurous photo session, first with a little water fun and then a colorful family activity with the holi powder! The kids loved it. This wasn’t my first session using holi powder, and definitely won’t be my last! It brings such a fun element into each shoot.

What better time to have your family photos taken than when we are all gathering again? Family coming to visit from out of town for a visit or birthday is the perfect time for a session. Let’s plan a fun session for everyone and capture the adventures of 2021 and the joy of being able to fully experience summer again!

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