Summer Vibes & Events


June 10, 2021

Anyone else feeling like this summer is like no other! It’s the summer of all summers and the entertaining and parties are going to be flowing in excess! I am 110% here for it and ready to partake, enjoy and capture it all!!

I am so excited for the world to open up, the parties to commence, the gathering of people and oh my, the HUGS!!!!! I think that is what am I looking forward to the most. It has already begun with some of my shoots this past month! With clients (and myself) being fully vaccinated, the excitement of a small wrap around squeeze of a touch is amazing!

Ok, back to Summer Vibes. I thought I’d share some fun inspiration with you from a shoot I did with Borrowed Blu and @afloral. Inspiration for your small to large gatherings this summer and beyond! I’ve included a list of each of their rentals that are used for each photo – you know, just in case you want to throw a party or have events with some incredible rentals and invite us to shoot it 😉

Tropical Colors That Are Beautiful, Soft and Welcoming

Siren Rosewater + Gold Charger, Siren Clear + Gold Dinnerware, Luna Brushed Gold Flatware, Siren Rosewater Wine Goblet, Siren Clear + Gold Champagne Flute & Short Stemless

Tropical Fruit Spread

Acacia Wood Charger, Siren Clear+White Dinnerware, Luna Fawn + Silver Flatware, Clear Siren Glassware, & Pinot Organic Cotton Napkin

A Bold, Rustic Bordeaux Backyard Party

Siren Clear + Platinum Charger, Acacia Wood Dinnerware, Clear Pressed Dinnerware, Luna Black + Gold Flatware, & Bordeaux Siren

Calming Oasis Desert

Siren White Rim Dinnerware, Russel Wright Wedgewood Dinnerware, Luna Brushed Silver Flatware, Blue Pressed Goblets, and Clear Siren Glassware

Pancake Brunch

Siren Clear + Platinum Dinnerware, Luna Grey + Silver Flatware, & Marine Organic Cotton Napkin

Classic Dinner – 2 Ways!

Siren Clear+Black Dinnerware and Luna Chopsticks!


Siren Black Rim Charger, Matte Black Dinnerware, Luna Black + Gold Flatware, Nude Organic Cotton Napkin & a side salad 😋

I just know you want to have a party after seeing all those beautiful set-ups! There are so many things to celebrate and document. Click here to schedule a consult to learn more about how we shoot events or to book us!


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