Brand Photos for Birthing Center


July 20, 2023

We were honored to shoot branding photos for this birthing center, Mind Body Birth. They provide accessible and individualized healthcare for the pregnancy journey and we wanted to make sure to show the whole brand story.

We wanted to make sure that the images embodies their brand: warm, inviting, safe, comfortable, and chic. Not only did we capture the space, but the midwives in action with their patients.

“I’ve been a Licensed Midwife for 17+ years, I’ve practiced overseas and in several states. I bring a lot of
experience and individuality to my care. I’m also very passionate about accessibility, eliminating bias and
racism and bringing inclusivity into care.
” – Faith Freeman

Our visual goals were to show the new birth center, get updated headshots, and be sure to get some in-action shots, especially showing the day to day at the clinic. To get the right shots and really represent the brand message, I adjusted my normal standard editing process to accommodate for the room spaces that are meant to be dark and comforting for birth. This allowed us to present imagery that is an authentic client experience. I used flash for a few of the images (normally as you may know we only shoot with natural light), but made for the perfect way to present the birthing center.

The team was such a joy to work with and we had a wonderful time capturing the true essence of the Mind Body Birth team. Little did I know one of the midwives had injured her back a few days prior, and I had no idea until the very end when they were joking around about it. It showed all of their true passion and dedication to their clients and excitement in opening the birthing center.

Are you looking to show off your brands true personality and message? Let’s chat about the potential of taking some branding photos! No strings attached.


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