What’s a 10-Minute Session and The Well Lived Women!


February 15, 2023

Are you looking for some updated headshots? For your LinkedIn profile, social profiles, resume or even your Bumble App? Our 10-minute studio sessions would be the perfect fit for you! I know what you’re thinking – ‘there is no way that you can get any good images in just 10 minutes’! Well my friend let me show you!

Take a look below at the wonderful ladies I photographed at The Well Lived Women. A beautiful location set with several vignettes and great lighting really makes a huge impact of the flow of images and what we can get. Not only did I have a few minutes to get to know each lady, what she does, and what her photo needs were, but then we had 10 minutes to capture quite a few photos for each of them. I know you still don’t believe me, but take a look below, at the selection I was able to get for each of these beautiful ladies and a personal fit to their personality and businesses! Gosh, I love my job and helping women grow their businesses, but most importantly, feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in front of the camera.

Are you in need of just a few updates for your images? Or are you nervous about diving into a full branding session? You’re in luck! I am doing another 10-minute headshot series in March! Sign-up below for all details! Date and location coming very soon!


“I was not prepared for a photoshoot, and kind of decided to do it last minute. So I felt a bit insecure and unprepared and nervous […] There were images that I absolutely LOVED in the final outcome. These images made me feel so beautiful. It made it all feel worth it, and as simply part of the process.”


Her Instagram“[Krista] made it effortless.”


Her Instagram


Her Instagram

“This was a perfect quickie for branding portraits. Do it! She can make your vision come to life!”


Her Instagram


Her Instagram

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