RMBO Collective Branding Session


October 21, 2021

Two brands, one collective! It was so fun working with RMBO Collective for both their weddings, RMBO and the new launch of their interiors company, Olazko! The creative juices were flowing between all of us and it was such an incredibly inspiring session!

Since we needed to cover two brands that cross-over under one company, we decided to split the session into two segments – one for RMBO weddings working with Kathleen and the other for Olazko Interiors working with Robin.

I loved brainstorming with Robin and Kathleen for this session. After they filled out their questionnaires and we did our Zoom call, my brain running with wonderful ideas to tell their brand story through imagery! I love being a to tell a brand story with beauty and most of all, authenticity. Often times I will set-up the scene and then capture the true action of my clients doing what they do best!

Examples of this are Robin taking notes of the actual element she is holding in her hand or her walking around the house actually adding finished touches! Of course we had to include the puppies because they are the assistants, right!

One of my favorite things I wanted to include in Kathleen’s brand story for RMBO was what got her into weddings. As part of her questionnaire about what has defined who Kathleen is today, she answered: “Witnessing first hand through my parents what a successful marriage looks like and the hard work it involves, how to love someone unconditionally, and to realize life is short so you should live it to the fullest.” When she told me she had an album from her parents wedding, I knew that was a must to include in her brand story.

Another must for a wedding brand shoot are flat lays! Flat lays are very important in the wedding industry, so we captured Kathleen stuffing envelopes, designing a flat lay, and of course, decorating a table. One thing that sets RMBO apart is their hospitality, not just with the clients, but with the vendors. Being approachable, welcoming and having great teamwork were a huge part of their brand messaging, so we did a welcome cocktail set-up and a passing off, hand holding glove service between vendors.

We then moved onto capturing the story of Olazko Interiors – celebrating their new launch the right way with excitement and champagne!

When asked to tell us more about their business, Robin said, “We believe in elevated, but approachable design that balances impeccable style with easy living. The best spaces are those that create a positive impact both in look and feel. Your space should be a true representation of your distinctive style and taste and comfortably welcome others into your environment.”

For her segment of the session, we used that quote to bring to life Olazko by showing that inspiration is everywhere, from books, colors and textures in nature, street art, and so much more! We wanted to tell the story of how Robin balances designing, styling and working on the finished project.

Feeling inspired by their images? ME TOO! If you are thinking now is the right time, or even in the near future, to kick your branding up a notch, I am your girl! Let’s have a no-strings attached conversation!

View more from their branding shoot below!


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