Botanical Engagement Session at the LA Arboretum


January 29, 2021

This was literally my last session before COVID – at the beautiful LA Arboretum. It was the weekend before we went into our very first and so unknown, Stay at Home order. PHEW!! Feels like a lifetime ago. This lovely couple planned on eloping to Italy for their wedding, with just a few friends and family, but they knew that might not be a possibility as Italy was at that moment in lockdown. But we still had hopes that this would all end soon! And you know the ending to that story, but the beautiful part, they still eloped, it just looked slightly different than they planned.

The ended up getting married, just the two of them on the cliffs in Big Sur and it looked epic and they looked so happy!! I am thrilled to have been able to photograph their engagement session and so happy that while the pandemic may have changed their dream plan to elope in Italy, it didn’t stop them in love, joy happiness and getting married!

Jessica and Kevin decided to have their session at LA arboretum because they really wanted to showcase green nature, forest vibes – and I love that choice because the photos turned out SO beautiful in that element!

Where did you two meet?

We met in high school through mutual friends and were in the same social circle. But, we “re-met” on St. Patrick’s Day 2012, after many years of not seeing each other. We shared an inebriated kiss and have been together ever since.

Our first date was to BJ’s. We always talk about this day because we just remember sitting across the table from each other and couldn’t stop smiling. It was so funny and weird that we were actually on a date after knowing each other for so long. Neither of us had ever imagined we would be sitting there in that moment.

We parted for a year and dated other people. We ended up reconciling and met one another in SPAIN! The year apart made a tremendous difference in our relationship.

Tell us about your proposal!

Kevin had the proposal printed as a craft cocktail recipe in the menu of one of our favorite restaurants on New Years Eve 2019. Celebrated with a small group friends and family.

What is your favorite type of date to go on?

I think our favorite dates are our staycations in LA! We love heading to downtown, going to a nice dinner, and hitting all the little hidden bars. We get a hotel room so we don’t have to worry about driving back to HB, then brunch in the morning. These are the best weekends!!

What are your favorite things to do together?

We love to entertain! Kevin likes to make cocktails and I really enjoy cooking, so having our friends over for an evening in is the best. We love to travel, weather it is for a staycation in SD or exploring Europe. And Kevin is a big fisherman and has taken that passion and passed it on to me.

A date anywhere is the world, where would it be?

Dinner and wine in Italy.

We are so glad that we can now continue to offer these sessions while being socially distanced! Inquire for your own session here or schedule here!


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