Creative Floral Newborn Baby Girl Session


January 21, 2021

Excuse me while I catch up on my 2020 blogs, COVID kinda put a damper on the world and my blogging got pushed to the back burner, but here I am back at it ready to move forward into 2021 – with the sweetest newborn session!

What better way to kick it off this year’s posts than with a fresh new beginning. She may be about to turn 1 but that’s ok, she is still sweet and adorable and has all the good squishy feels! Plus, who wouldn’t want to bring back the memories of this sweet face, and adorable family!

This session makes me smile, laugh, melts my heart and brings me joy all in one glace! One of my favorite creative newborn sessions! Let’s plan yours!

⁠I love how amazing big sister was. She would soothe baby when crying and was the most excited I have ever seen her be about photos. She couldn’t wait to have her picture taken with her baby sister. Best friends in the making!

We love to photograph maternity around the 27-30 week and for newborns the sweet spot is 3-10 days, however we will photograph newborns up to 4 weeks.

For newborns, I like to photograph in the first 1-2 weeks of life. This allows me to capture your baby’s newness. You will treasure these memories of just how little your baby was. The peach fuzz. The squishy folds. The sleepy face. And yes, the first cries, too.

We are back to booking Newborn Sessions! It’s a little different during these times of COVID, but we are making it work with a lifestyle session and safely posed baby. Contact us today to book your session. ⁠

Your newborn session is scheduled in advance, based on your due date. Once you’re on my books for a newborn session, it’s a floating appointment. The final date and time gets set once you’ve had the baby. This way, the newborn session doesn’t get put off until the baby is a month or two, because by then, the babies have changed so much it’s no longer possible to capture how they were when they were brand new.

Please feel free to reach out for additional info or book your session today.


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