When to Photograph Your Maternity Session


February 3, 2021

There is something that makes my heart flutter for maternity sessions. Capturing the connection you already have with your little peanut, the way your husband makes you laugh or how he looks into your eyes with excitement for what’s to come … I am so excited to get those shots.

A maternity session is a wonderful way to document the first steps of your journey into motherhood.

Watching your body change as your baby grows inside you is a magical experience. You have this growing creature inside you that has taken over your body, mind, and heart. The little bean hasn’t even been born, yet you feel this unbelievable love and connection already. And those feelings are only about to get stronger! As your belly gets bigger so does the anticipation and excitement. it may feel like your pregnancy will never end and 40 weeks seems like forever, but once that moment is gone you will long for those memories of carrying that little heart beat inside of you.

I know often times mothers-to-be are hesitant about maternity sessions because they aren’t feeling their normal selves or maybe they’re feeling like a large beach ball about to bust, but trust me … no one has ever regretted having captured these moments. The only regrets I hear about are about not doing them! more often than not I hear, “I wish I had taken pregnancy photos … I didn’t realize how much I would want to cherish those 9 months before my baby came into the world.”

If you are on the fence just go for it. Ignore those disapproving thoughts because your heart will always cherish those 9 months you and your little bean had together, so why not remember it with photos as well.

I love to photograph maternity around the 27-30 week (7-8 months).

What’s so magical about this photography window?

While all women carry differently and experience pregnancy differently, at the 27-30 week mark typically the belly is nice and round for photos but also a point where you still feel comfortable for photos.

Many of our soon to be moms find that after 34 weeks they start to feel larger and uncomfortable and the idea of being photographed sounds unpleasant.

The best time for a maternity session still depends on you and how you are feeling.

Here are some reasons why you might want to schedule a maternity shoot earlier than 28 weeks…

If you are expecting multiples, I recommend doing maternity photos during as early as 13 to 26 weeks. Your belly will appear bigger since you are carrying more than one but you will still feel comfortable.

If your pregnancy is considered high-risk

While most high-risk pregnancies go smoothly, the best time to shoot maternity photos with a high-risk pregnancy is during their second trimester. week 13-28

If you decide that you want to have a maternity session later in your pregnancy 35-38 weeks, let’s go for it. It really is all about how your feeling and together we can plan the perfect session that will make you feel beautiful and comfortable.

As long as you still feel comfortable I am excited to photograph a last minute maternity session.

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