Fun and Laughter: How to Keep Kids Engaged During Holiday Photos


October 12, 2023

Today we will be sharing our best strategies and tips for keeping children engaged and excited during holiday photos, ensuring genuine smiles and happy moments.

Getting the perfect family photos during the holidays doesn’t have to be a chore; it can be an exciting and laughter-filled adventure! We’ve got three fantastic tips to help you capture those genuine smiles and moments of pure joy that will make your holiday photos truly special.

Our 7 Key Poses For Families

For our family photo shoots, we make sure to pull out all the tricks, pose suggestions and ideas. Here are our 7 go-to poses for families! Check out our reel!

  • The Walk
  • The Hug
  • The Toss
  • The Dance
  • The Playful
  • The Swing
  • The Shoulders

Play Fun Games and Bring Toys

Inject some fun and laughter into the session by playing enjoyable games that make your kids giggle. Try playing some cheerful tunes (especially their favorite songs!) and making goofy faces – you’ll be amazed at the authentic smiles you’ll get! Don’t forget to bring along some fantastic props and toys, like your child’s favorite playthings or balloons. If you really want to take it up a notch, bring a bubble machine! Kids absolutely adore bubbles, and the surprise factor will have them laughing in no time.

Capture Natural Moments

The most heartwarming photos often come from those spontaneous, lighthearted moments. Dive into your child’s world and join in on their fun. I like to call it the “one for Mom, one for kids” approach. Embrace the silliness, and then patiently wait for those picture-perfect smiles from your little ones – they’re the golden ticket for your holiday cards. These candid snapshots capture genuine emotions and expressions, making your photos truly heartwarming and authentic. Remember, it’s okay to mix things up a bit to keep the fun flowing!

One for Mom, One for Kids

Playful Instructions

Unleash your inner child and have a blast with your family. Give piggyback rides, engage in tickle battles, toss your kids in the air, run around, dance in a circle, or share a big group hug. These playful activities create natural and joyous moments that are a treasure to capture. Keep in mind that the key is to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Don’t worry if unexpected things happen during the photoshoot – whether it’s bursts of goofiness, sudden tantrums, tears, or contagious belly laughs. These genuine moments will be the ones you cherish and remember for years to come.

So, go ahead and embrace the fun and laughter during your holiday photos. With these tips, you’ll create memories that are not only picture-perfect but also filled with genuine happiness. It’s already mid-October! Don’t wait to book your family holiday photo sessions – we offer both mini sessions and full sessions!


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