Lilypa Designs Branding Session


February 8, 2023

This shoot for Lilypa Designs was one of my most empowering branding sessions for 2022! The energy, bonding between the ladies, and pure empowerment of these women fueled me for months. It still does every time I look at these images!

Lily booked our premium branding package for a full day session to cover both her personal brand story for Lilypa Designs and then to also showcase all her pattern designs! We booked a simple, well-lit studio with some furniture set-ups to cover both Lily’s stories and her patterns on models.

I work with each of my branding clients ahead of the shoot day to really figure out what stories they want to tell for their brand. In Lily’s case, this was her custom patterns, her courses that she offers both online and in-person, and working behind the scenes on her product line. We wanted to make sure to embody her brand key words throughout the shoot: euphoria – inclusive – clean – timeless.

“We offer PDF lingerie sewing patterns as well as lingerie making supplies and courses to support you.
Our mission to get as many women as possible into well fitting bras and knickers. In years past, it was the
norm for people in the US to sew their own lingerie at home, I’d love for us to get back to that – or at least
lessen the stigma around it.
The average bra size hasn’t been 34B for quite a number of years now yet nearly all commercial bras are still drafted around that size. Although plus size clothing and lingerie has been gaining popularity and
marketshare, it’s still a giant mess. Not all designers understand that as the sizes increase, so does the
number of variations to body shape. Someone with a 45″ chest can have narrow shoulders and large bust OR wide shoulders and small bust.
My approach is novel in the sense that my pattern uses a mix and match method combined with actual breast measurements instead of chest circumference.” – Lily, Lilypa Designs

In order to tell the story about her brand and patterns, we wanted our models to be all inclusive, including size. Lilypa Designs creates products for all women, and it was important that we represented that through her branding shoot. She had 3 models and 6 patterns with a few bonus extras for our shoot – the funniest story of the day is that my photography assistant, who also happens to be a model, was the perfect fit for some of her sample products. She ended up doubling as a model for the day and we were able to offer some pretty incredible shots of the then 4 models, plus Lily!

Fun Fact: Lily broke her toe (poor thing) just days before our session and couldn’t wear shoes. No problem, we worked around it and went barefoot. That’s mostly how she works anyways, so it fit perfectly!

“I am one of the few designers that focus on patterns for large cups. Adventurous sewist who needs (and deserves!) a well fitting bra but is unable to find one in retail stores.”

When a branding session like this one really sticks with me for a long time, it makes me so excited to work with the client again! In her feedback that Lily provided, she mentioned her friend that is in marketing recommends branding shoots at least once a year, if not more. I could not agree more! This allow us to continue to tell your story with fresh content and new ideas. It allows your potential customers to see even more about you!

Interested in booking your own branding shoot? Inquire here – I’d love to chat with you, no strings attached!


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