How I Plan My Social Media


December 3, 2022

I know, I know. Social media is a beast and can be a lot to do! I wanted to share with you my tips and tricks on how I plan out my social media for each month, and hope it helps you too!

You don’t have to post daily (as a matter of fact, I stopped trying to post daily to see what it did for my views and the algorithm), but you do have to be consistent. So find what plan you can stick to and do it. Could be once a week, could be 4 could be daily.

I sit down on one day each month and do the entire next month in that sitting. Could it backfire? Yes, like when covid hit, I had to shift things to align with what was currently happening in the world at that time and save my preschedule posts for the future. I save the posts and move them to later that month or even the next month and then will post something that is current with what is happening in the world. Or I won’t even post at all that day. However, the great thing about doing it all in one day is having it all ready to go, then the rest of the month when I get busy building my business, I don’t have to worry about squeezing in a post for today. It’s already strategized to my marketing plan, scheduled and done!

Tools that I Use:

  • – Schedule your Instagram posts/stories, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook etc all in one spot!
  • I have a virtual assistant that helps with editing, hashtags and the nitty gritty of posting. I’ll be honest without her the public would never see my posts, lol.
  • Asana – a true miracle worker in keeping my schedule and marketing strategy/plan in order!
  • Annual Marketing Plan – which includes identifying holidays for each month

My Marketing Plan

I have several niches, so for each month I have a plan on which I’d like to market to. I usually plan this out in January, that way I know what my focus will be each month for the rest of the year and it is already planned out for me!

I use the previous month’s blogs to reuse and repurpose in my marketing so that I don’t have to always brainstorm or come up with new copy. Everything is done to align with my marketing message: making women feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in front of the camera.

plan and strategize your month with my content strategy plan

Want to know how to pair your images and strategy specifically to your business. Let’s chat. I’m now offering 1:1 social media strategy sessions.

Part of my strategy for your photography branding sessions include creating images that pair with these content ideas.


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