Baby Noa Newborn Session


August 25, 2022

Welcome, baby Noa! Get ready for the most precious, princess of girly, newborn session! I love Mom’s style of natural and natural mixed with the pop of pinks and glam headbands! So freaking adorable.

Baby Noa was 5 days old and big brother (7 years) was so excited to be part of the shoot and have a baby sister. He wanted to hold her and help the entire time. I love when siblings are so excited to be a part of the session and love being big bro or sis.

I bring in most of the backgrounds, props, wraps, accessories for our newborn sessions and use your home for family lifestyle sessions. But I love a good creative collaboration like I had with Mom and Grandma for baby Noa. Grandma is a lingerie designer, so baby Noa has about a gazillion little dresses for her. She showed me the closet and that little girl could have a new dress 4-5 times a day, lol. Every girls dream!

How adorable is the nursery, with mom being an interior designer there was no doubt it would be beautiful!

And look how cute these family photos are with that beautiful wallpaper from the nursery! Finding small, simple wall spaces to photograph the family in during your session is one of my specialties and this one was just perfect. What you don’t see is that right next to them is the window and pushed up against the crib that we moved to accommodate the photos! But, we go the shot and that’s what matters.

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