Lindsey Long Equine Photography Branding Session


July 8, 2022

When you find your specialty and really get it hone in on it and make it yours, it’s the perfect time to document that momentum and use it to help you up-level your brand. We were so excited to work with Lindsey to show off all the different facets of her brand, Lindsey Long Equine Photography, including the the behind-the-scenes work!

As an equine photographer, Lindsey works with her client and their horse to get gorgeous shots of them together. “I provide equine portraits (I like to call them horsey glamour shots), and horse and rider portraits (horse and rider together looking beautiful, almost like an engagement session but instead of the groom it’s a horse). Sorry not sorry.” I like her style! Capturing what is important to the client, and that’s their love for their horse!

She had a few visual goals that she wanted to capture, making sure we took photos of her with her art, with the wardrobe she offers clients, on her computer and making sure we showed off her personality as well as the fine art printing she offers. This meant we had some stories to tell and I am all about working with you to create these stories!


But not the type of work you think of when you first think of a photographer. I’m talking the behind the scenes, working at computer, editing. Editing is a huge part of Lindsey’s work so we wanted to make sure to include her working on her computer and a start and final progression look.

What Lindsey Offers

We also wanted to make sure to show her products, services and onboarding. Lindsey’s brand offers so many details and special touches, such as a welcome kit, packaging, albums and her fine art prints. Also hand written notes are a special touch that Lindsey adds as a client experience, so we made sure to capture that in lots of ways and with her special pen. Another unique offering she has is the clothing that she provides for her clients. These gowns are stunning, so we wanted to make sure and capture all the options lined up on a clothing rack.

Her Personality

We shot in Lindsey’s home, as it is where her working office is, as well as where we could showcase all her products and services and bonus she has an awesome kitchen and bar that we got to play around with some cocktails!

This is where she won my heart, with her love of cocktails!! You know me, I am a sucker for a good cocktail. She enjoys the classics, a gin martini and whiskey! Let’s just say we had a good end of shoot! And this was also our celebration story! Cause not only am I a sucker for a good cocktail, but those celebration shots that will always come in handy when running a business!

We also wanted to tie in her love of animals and her heritage of Louisiana. Can you spy the small, but distinct details? These little things are what make her unique, different and the right fit for her clients. So I wanted to make sure and showcase them so her ideal clients can connect with her more! This is why those details and knowing your ideal client is so important, so we can draw them out visually as well.

The outfits she chose are based on the story line, her brand colors and brand vibe. We started with an office business look, then an upscale equestrian look and ended with a cocktail dress for of course her cocktails and fine art line. And of course we added in a ‘what would you shoot in’ look with jeans and a tee.

Special Memory

Lindsey’s dog was a huge part of her life and working environment. Sadly he passed away about a week after our shoot. Breaks my heart, but I am so glad that we got to include him. He will now live on forever as part of her business, helping her package up her goodie bags, promoting her holiday lines and just being her overall awesome sidekick.

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