Organized Re-Branding Session


November 29, 2021

You may recognize the face because we have done branding sessions with Elsa from Composed Living in the past! Sometimes we do branding shoots to give your business a little refresh, but in Elsa’s case, she did a rebrand! Besides just needing updated content for her social media and marketing, she needed new images in her rebrand color scheme.

Working with Elsa is always so inspiring. I am telling you every time I work with her or go back and review her images, I want to reorganize something in a more beautiful, functional way! Don’t you?!

This house was particularly fun to work in, not just because of the amazing lighting and decor, but the fun little gems in places, like the entryway and the rad wallpaper. It brought so much character to the room and images, especially for Elsa’s headshots against the wallpaper. I was obsessed. The kitchen was a dream from the styling, neutral colors, and, you know it, the organization!!! I am working on living a more simple ‘only what you need’ organizational living, just like Elsa preaches. I mean because look how beautiful. Plus, it’s a breathe of fresh air when you work in clean, organized, functional workspace. Just ask Elsa!

I am obsessed with this open kitchen shelf and the decor – from the simplicity to the colors. It would be so fun to figure out how to recreate this little open shelf nook in my kitchen! I did research the vase at one point and then totally forgot about it, time to Google again!

Rebranding your company takes effort. Not only do you have to decide the voice of your brand, but the colors, and overall energy that you want to portray. Let me tell ya, picking which color blue can take much longer than you think. Once my clients have decided the new direction of their business, it’s my job to make that come to life via imagery. We want to show WHO you are as a brand, and as an individual. What does it look like during your workday? A cup of coffee and emails? We will capture that and much more! Are you ready to get started? Inquire here!


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