Branding Sessions with RNG Taco Cart Catering


October 12, 2021

Working with a client that caters my absolute favorite food? Yes, please! RNG Taco Cart Catering reached out for branding images in hopes to help build their business for bigger events, such as weddings and corporate events! Up to this point, they had been word of mouth only, an incredible feat.

I had so much fun planning this session with Natalie. We worked to find exactly what she needed, from photos for their website such as headshots, to more shots of their taco cart and products for their social media, and their new churro offering that is run by their two daughters! They were announcing this new option just after our shoot so it was important to make sure to incorporate it into the session. Not to mention we wanted to have a little fun with it like the girls playing with the batter and devouring a churro!

Since food was a heavy part of this branding session, I brought on a stylist, Gianna San Filippo, to handle all the food set-up and styling so that I could focus more on the photography portion. The styling is a complex situation of it’s own from props to placement, so it’s always a wonderful bonus to have the extra help and skills to get things set properly. I have to say, Gianna hit it out of the park! I couldn’t be more pleased with how these all came to life.

While Gianna was setting up the food portions, I was shooting the lifestyle portions, the headshots, process, BTS and what makes all the food come to life!

Of course I had to get some photos of the power couple behind RNG tacos, aren’t they adorable! I love this shot of Robert with all the fresh ingredients!

It’s a family business and if they’re not already, all the kids will be part of it at some point or another. So far the girls have branched out and started their own churro cart. And the boys, well they are still enjoying just being the adorable faces and eating all the product – ain’t nothing wrong with that! It was also so fun to have some of their friends on set as guests to model for the party.

Thank you so much! We love them! You always do an amazing job! Blessed to have found you! I liked seeing everything come together. The setup of the food was amazing so much detail. There’s a lot of work that goes into one shoot. I didn’t realize until I experienced it. It was a lot fun and I am not a picture person.

– Natalie, RNG Taco Cart Catering

Now who wants a taco and a churro, looks so delicious right?

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