Remy’s Kitchen Branding Shoot


September 16, 2021

I was so thrilled to work with Lisa of Remy’s Kitchen as a fellow female business owner and friend sharing our struggles and success as female entrepreneurs! It’s hard work and always so many constant moving pieces, am I right!? She is my dog’s favorite person in the world and we connected as I was just starting to officially shift my business into branding photography.

Anyway, when I mentioned to Lisa that I was shifting into lifestyle branding photography, she mentioned that she needed some lifestyle images with her amazing Remy’s Kitchen treats, plus images of interaction with the dogs and her treats. This was the perfect match and I was so thrilled to be able to collaborate with Lisa and help her build her image library to showcase how dogs and humans live in a Remy’s Treat world.

This is my favorite part (other than shooting) of these sessions. The creative brainstorm to come up with a detailed plan and shot list to bring to life your visual brand. With dog treats, it’s mostly about the packaging and marketing to make you stand out.

Lisa had just recently moved to Wisconsin from CA – which I was so excited for her but still sad about… I know my fur babies are super sad about it too! They don’t see their treat friends daily, but not to worry Remy’s Kitchen is still available worldwide. Lisa and I collaborated via phone, Facetime and email to create the perfect visual story lines for Remy’s Kitchen. Then we enlisted some doggies and their humans to visually share the lifestyle of Remy’s Kitchen.

Lisa booked our premium branding session to tell the visual stories of dogs and their humans interacting with Remy’s treats! We wanted to showcase how many great moments they could be used for such as car and traveling, couch time, bed snuggles, kitchen prep, work life and, of course, happy treat time!

With Lisa and I pre-connected, she had an LA representative to help us facilitate the session with her vision in mind since she couldn’t be there in person. Lisa also rented a home to use as our location to ensure great photos to match her brand and vibe. We also collaborated with Crazy Rebels to give the pups a little fashionista to their fur.

In Lisa’s case, I helped her expand beyond what she had in mind by diving into her brand, asking her questions about her clientele, ideal clients, visual goals, brand goals and business goals.

We had planned to visit Lisa in Wisconsin for lake life and that paired perfectly with the end of her session (several months later). Look how adorable Remy is living his best lake life. This was his first time on a paddle board and he did amazing. Who else’s dog will do ANYTHING for a treat, lol!

More About Remy’s Kitchen

health // happiness // longevity // clean

These are the important keywords that embody Remy’s Kitchen! Giving owners peace of mind in knowing that they can count on Remy’s Kitchen to make the best, healthy treats. As a dog and cat lover, nutrition is priority to Lisa.

Their Meat Medley line is made up of individual pieces of the organ and muscle meat as opposed to blending it into one as most companies do. They are the only company that is freeze drying non-meat based treats – known as their Superfood Snacks line.

Learn more about Remy’s Kitchen here!

Lisa’s Feedback

In her own words: “Krista’s organization and communication skills are top notch. I felt very prepared because Krista had all the details sorted out! Was hoping to get great, professional looking lifestyle shots and that’s exactly what was delivered”

How they will use the photos: “We are putting them on new website and will use them for future advertisements.”

Her reaction when she saw the gallery: “OMG Loveeeeeeeeee. So perfect. Thank you!!!”

We LOVE working with female entrepreneurs, like Lisa, and helping them to find just what they were looking for (and what they didn’t even know was missing) from their branding and marketing! Click here to inquire for your own branding shoot!


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