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September 7, 2021

One of my favorite types of branding sessions is when a business is looking to do a rebrand or just starting out! This gives us both so much room for creative collaboration. Meg came to me at the very start of her business so she needed it all.

I find that for businesses just starting out, they are mostly looking for profile images and to fill in gaps on the website. Our brand sessions include both profile/headshots and a specific plan to help provide the images to fill in gaps for spots all over their websites – whether they were just launched or are about to! In this case that is exactly what Meg and Breezy needed! ⁠ After some deep dive into their brand, target market and personal aspects, I created the perfect story lines for them.

First and foremost was their new and updated headshots for their new business. We also wanted to show a deep dive into their process, which including showing them working together and also showcasing their individual roles within the company. And of course since it’s a new launch, we had to celebrate!

We picked this downtown, pink rental space based on Harmony Marketing’s brand colors and brand vibe. It was a perfect fit for them, as you can see from their newly updated website. That’s one important thing to keep in mind when considering branding photography, if you don’t currently have the perfect space to fit your brand vibe, trust me there are rental spaces out there that are reasonable and will be a perfect fit for you and your brand. If you need any help finding the rental space, I’m your gal!

One thing I learned from this session is to book the rental space an hour prior to start of this shoot time. This allows us to meet, go over final details and arrange the space per our shoot needs and set-ups.

“The vision came together so beautifully THANK YOU!!”

More on Harmony Marketing in Their Own Words

“Harmony Marketing is a Los Angeles-based, woman-owned and operated, boutique marketing firm offering creative and elevated solutions for strategy, branding and experiences.

At Harmony Marketing we thrive on elevating companies, brands and people. With over 15 years of marketing, branding and event experience, Harmony Marketing is tapped into thoughtful brand development, marketing content strategies and enhanced experiences

I started Harmony Marketing to elevate brands that provide a product or service to the consumer. I have worked with a lot of industries over my career, each giving me a diversified approach to Marketing and Branding.”

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