Branding for a Beauty Educator


February 18, 2021

It is so fulfilling to work with all sorts of brands to help them create content that helps to showcase their brand and vision.

I love helping women build their business with our branding sessions. Nothing sparks my inspiration more than collaborating with female owned brands that are strong, beautiful and hustling just like me. The collaboration fuels me more than anything. Helping a brand and the woman behind that brand come forward, share her story and connect with her community is so important! Achieving goals with brand photography that inspire people, build communities and convert them to customers.

Today I’m going to share all about a client I recently worked with, Emily of Natural Injector.

Tell us a bit about what you are looking to get from working together

“I am doing this session to get a fantastic looking banner image that attracts and connects with my ideal client. I want my personality to shine thru. I am a fitness and beauty advocate. I love to work out. I am redoing my website and branding. I want to attract and build trust with people who land on my website. I want them to convert to booking an appointment, reading my blogs, and establishing myself as an authority in my field.”

I’m a beauty educator. I provide natural looking cosmetic injections and I also do chemical peels.

Describe your business

“I have an Instagram and YouTube channel that I use to educate people on. I love studying anthropology and facial diversity. I also love studying beauty, skin, and hair. I take an individualized approach with every patient that I treat, no cookie-cutting. I am very friendly and personable. I take my time and get to know my patients and I love building relationships with them. Quality over quantity. I want my potential patients to think of me as their go-to beauty advisor & beauty confidant.”

What’s one thing that has defined who you are today?

“Being in business for yourself is challenging. It’s hard to pin point one thing I would say it’s life experiences in general that helped define who I am now. I’m learning more and more about yourself everyday and having the courage to be you and stand up for what you I think is right, to trust my intuition and be myself is what I strive to do more of.”

5 things you do for self-care

  • Hair
  • Exercise
  • Read online blogs
  • Injectables
  • Peels
  • Watch and listen to inspirational videos and blogs

Find Emily on Instagram @naturalinjector or on her website!

Working with KMP

“Thanks so much for posing me!”

I know how awkward it can be to show your face and be the center of your business, much less posing for photos, but that is what I love about working with women on branding sessions. Helping them bring our their beauty and skills, feeling confident and comfortable with our expertise, hands-on posing and guidance. Trust me, I too get nervous about having my picture taken too, but with the right photographer guiding you, directing you, getting to know you and your business, your photo session will come with ease and comfort and some amazing images!

“OMG These are absolutely gorgeous!!!! So many beautiful pics! Thanks again! Glad I found my LA photographer for future shoots”

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