Chic Halloween Party


October 28, 2019

Who said Halloween decor can only be black and orange?

When we were asked to be apart of this shoot-turned-kids-halloween-party, we couldn’t wait to jump on the chance! Halloween usually has a darker feel in decoration, so the goal was to do something a little different with this inspiration shoot. A chic Halloween party for kids!

Lisa, of Loveit Events, decided to do the color palette in pastels to give it a fresh and fun feel. The big thing was to keep it more kid-friendly, rather than the dark, spooky Halloween decoration and characters that typically associated with a Halloween party. She wanted to show her daughter that Halloween can be fun and light.  Given that her kids were her inspiration, she wanted to incorporate them into the shoot. Olivia, her daughter is the reason why she started Loveit Events!

The kids love balloons so much that Lisa took the halloween theme and created the balloon display to mirror a “cobweb” feeling, as spiders are always a well known theme in Halloween. Other decorations included confetti, lilac and lilies, pumpkins, namecards, pastel candlesticks, and cute little intricacies, like “boo” stir sticks and hand-lettered menus! Her daughter loves anything sparkly, holographic and glittery, and so this shoot really turned into a fabulous party for Olivia and her friends! The little girl’s costumes were from Tutu Du Monde, and the boys from J. Crew! They had so much fun dressing up, I wish I was dressed up too!

Hope this sparks some inspiration on how to turn your “spooky” holiday into a pastel, chic Halloween party!

Planning + Styling + Design: Loveit Events // Photography: Krista Mason Photography // Floral Design: Petals LA // Balloons + Design: Brag Designs // Plates + Cups: Bonjour Fete // Girls’ Outfits: Tutu Du Monde // Boys’ Outfits: J Crew // Wall Signs: Creative Amme // Halloween Tabletop: Martha Stewart Online


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