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May 9, 2016

The Amalfi Coast has been my favorite part of Italy so far! It’s so picturesque and so of course I got to take tons of photos, which you all know I love to do. amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]It would be a dream to shoot a wedding or engagement session here. The beautiful turquoise water with the assortment of pastel buildings nestled on top of the cliff…there are just no words to the beauty. I could stare at this for days and of course, photograph it for hours upon hours. amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]Add in a tender loving couple and I would be in paradise. I can already see the sweet moments being captured in some of these beautiful locations!

Oh, our drive from Rome to Positano was perfect sunny weather. Thank goodness, because those windy roads and the beautiful views, well, I got some awesome pics of the towns and hillsides! One of the best road trips ever. The coastal view of our drive was absolutely awesome! amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]Aldo did such an awesome job driving those narrow, windy roads – seriously, sometimes the roads were barely wide enough for a single car, much less actual traffic. (I only grabbed the “oh-shit bar” once.)

amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]While there wasn’t as much to tour and sightsee in Positano, just sitting on our balcony and watching the water or jumping in the freezing Mediterranean sea or looking at the night views while dining was perfect after the busy go-go-go of our first days here in Italy.amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title] amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]This little town is so cute sitting up on top of the hill. The cliffs with the trees (how about those greens?) and the homes are out of this world. It’s like a little slice of heaven. OMG, I just couldn’t stop staring at this town.amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]

While the water has been freezing and it has been raining luckily our first day was just perfect and we were able to enjoy a few hours of the beach. I mean when else am I going to be able to dip my toes in the Italian sea on a private beach. And bravo to Aldo for going all in and even canoeing. Burr!!! amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]Luckily our first day was beautiful, because it has rained on and off since we have been here. I know I know I love the rain, but when in a beach city it isn’t so nice. While we may not have gotten to hang out at the beach, the stunning views alone made up for it all.amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]

Luckily our little day trips have seen clear skies and we were able to get out and explore the towns of Positano and Capri, where I bought some hand-made Italian sandals for myself—I totally can’t wait to wear them! amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]

We had our last private tour of our Italy trip in Pompeii and it was a good one…I mean, WOW! amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]The ruins have been reconstructed somewhat into the original town; they were fascinating and so intriguing to walk through. Seeing where all the shops and houses were and how the town functioned was so interesting. amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title] amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]
amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]Then seeing the ruins of buildings and homes that were older than Pompeii was crazy captivating. And let’s not forget how all the bodies were buried in ash and preserved. That was a little heartbreaking, but again so intriguing. amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]How cool are these stairs from Pompeii. There is just something about them. Even back then the road and ally ways were cool. I know I am a little obsessed.

amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]amalfi coast {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]

Now off to Catania!



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