Branding Shoot for Rain Organica


April 28, 2021

Sometimes when I help my branding clients brainstorm some of the content we plan to get during their branding shoot, we realize there’s more than one story that needs to be told. For Brandy, owner of Rain Organica, we decided that there were really 3 stories to tell!

First, was the behind the scenes and the making of the product! Second was the use of the product for the friendly, laid-back outdoor women that values her skin regimen. Lastly some product shots for Rain Organica, and of course, we have the lifestyle of the owner and creator behind Rain Organica, Brandy herself! We were looking to shoot content that connected on a deeper level with her clients, further validating the feel of her brand: relatable, approachable, realistic, practical, and everyday!

“I make skincare products for women who love the outdoors, and I want to make it simple for them to carry their routine with them. I’ve battled acne for much of my life, and I know there are many out there like me who feel somewhat strapped when traveling (or backpacking) because they can’t take everything with them. I want to offer women the solution to that problem.” – Brandy

Together in detail Brandy and I created our half-day shot list for Rain Organica to showcase these stories. Brandy needed the images to prepare for her launch – which put us shooting right in the middle of the pandemic. While it did make it a tad more challenging without the use of models and a stylist (since it was early pandemic we were trying to keep it as minimal as possible with people that we knew and were comfortable with). That provided to be impossible due to everyone’s comfortability level and left Brandy to model the product and us to create and style together.

With our powers combined, we were able to create a fun, safe and wonderful session for Brandy (even if she needed to model mostly herself), lol. Not did it limit us in models and stylists, but also the location since many places including trails were closed. I know, right?!?! But the good news is that we made it work smoothly with lots of planning, organizing and prepping and luckily Brandy had an amazing backyard that we could use as our outdoors/trail location!

I always love getting to know my clients and their stories, so I asked Brandy what the one thing I should know about her that has defined who she is. Read below!

“My grandmother, a child of the Depression, greatly influenced my view on sustainability, re-use, and my love of nature. She was a true MacGyver – she held goat fence together with duct tape and dental floss, and I learned to be industrious and how to improvise by spending my summers with her.

She was also a great healer – she brought dead biddies (baby chicks) back to life in the oven, she could cure ailments with aloe, which she grew just outside her front door, she was a nurse, she loved dogs, and she always knew whether a snake was poisonous or not.”

Branding sessions have alivened my soul and passion for photography even more. Helping other businesses become the brand that they want to be, and learning so many new people along the way! Connect more with me about a branding session here!


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