5 reasons why you should have an engagement session

For years, Aldo and I have had couples photo sessions for our holiday cards – and I am super excited for this years! Yup, we did it while we were in Italy!!! I’m sure many of you are familiar with them since you’ve probably received them in your inbox or regular old mailbox. It’s a special treat, something we do as much for our clients as for ourselves. It’s a way for us to share our love story with you, just as many of you have shared your story with us when you allowed us to capture your romance.

kristaldo_1Don’t be fooled, just because we are photographing couples day in and day out with engagement sessions and weddings and directing and guiding, we still feel awkward on the other side. So your not alone!

000091250002You’ve seen the pictures…Aldo and I snuggling closer than normal, standing in positions we don’t stand in normally, all dressed up walking in the woods or around abandoned buildings – all to make the images look amazing and natural. Sounds complicated, right? Not really, it just takes practice.

This is why we encourage all of our couples to have an engagement session prior to the wedding day. You want to focus on your wedding and make sure that you are at your best. Having an engagement session let’s you kick those nerves and awkward feelings to the side. reasons engagement session {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]I mean, think about all the prep work you’ve been doing for your wedding. You’ve been on the wedding diet for God only knows how long, spent months hunting for the perfect bridesmaids dresses, not to mention your own perfect dress. Why shouldn’t you make sure you’re at your best for your wedding photos, too?

How does one do that you ask? With an engagement session, of course!Engagement sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph. I love capturing the romance…the excitement…the joy of two people who are about to devote their love to each other.

engagement_post_km_1Sure, you’re nervous about having your photos taken, but an engagement session is the perfect time to work them out. It’s a special time for the couple to be alone and get acquainted with the camera and photographer as a couple.So much is happening on your wedding day – so many emotions, people and activities. An engagement session will give you some quiet time as a couple to just be together and be you and learn your favorite looks together, as well as build a deeper relationship with your photographer.

026-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0103_Ivette_Chris_EngSome photographers include the engagement session in packages, while others opt to have it as an add-on. Here at Krista Mason Photography we feel it is a must. While we have packages with and without the engagement session to fit your needs, we highly encourage all of our couples to take advantage of the benefits by including one with your wedding package.

Check out our top reasons why an engagement session is a must have bonus.

1. Helps build a relationship with your photographer

This is key! At this point you have probably built a basic relationship with your photographer, you get along and are becoming fast friends. But, it is time to take the relationship to the next level by actually working with your photographer by having an engagement session. This time together will help you understand your photographer better and help build your confidence in your photographer, making you more comfortable with them being in the middle of your intimate moments.krista-mason-photography-engagment-shoot-reasons-0020When they give you guidance for your wedding photos, you’ll know exactly what they are asking without having to think twice about it. You’ll be comfortable knowing what’s coming next – this is key on your wedding day, because you already have so much to think about you don’t need to add anything else to it.reasons engagement session {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]The engagement session helps your photographer understand you and what you’re comfortable with and how to better communicate with you on your big day. It allows your photographer to determine if you like more snuggles, if your serious or like lots of laughs, or a good mixture of both. Not all couples are good with the serious, and vice versa, so this time together helps your photographer learn your vibes and what works best for you as a couple…just like dating, the engagement session is a trial run!

2. Helps you be comfortable and confident for your wedding photos

Ok, this is key…lol. Who doesn’t want to feel more comfortable and confident in their photos? I know I do! By having an engagement session you will feel more prepared and know what you like and don’t like. This means you can be confident that you and your photographer will get the best photos possible on your wedding day. When you spend this extra time with your photographer, you’re building a relationship that will result in you being more comfortable with him or her. reasons engagement session {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]This will go a long way in making your photos much more amazing and natural! You’ll get those awkward nerves out of the way, well, at least the ones about being photographed. Unless you’re a supermodel, you probably aren’t used to being the center of all that attention and having to smile for such a long period of time. Having an engagement session will help you be a pro in front of the camera for your wedding.


3. Discover your best looks and how to get them

The good stuff…that’s what you want! An engagement session lets your photographer learn your best angles, your best poses that let you relax and have fun. Even better, you lean what angles you like, what side you like, what poses are most comfortable, all the way down to the details of holding hands. This also builds up your confidence, since you’ll know what to do to look radiant on your big day.reasons engagement session {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]Make sure you share with your photographer what your likes and dislikes are. Remember they aren’t mind readers, so be open with them. We want to make sure your photos are your best, so don’t be afraid to tell them if something makes you feel uncomfortable. Don’t forget to tell them what you love, too, so they can focus on that! As an added bonus, you could do a trial hair and make-up session, so you can see how you like it on camera.

4. A chance for amazing unique photos

Your engagement session is your time to shine – a chance to be unique – from your hair and make-up, your outfits, even your location. Go ALL out! Have fun. Choose a fun and sexy outfit, get your hair and make-up done and coordinate with your photographer on a unique location that fits your personality as a couple. Choose your own adventure!!reasons engagement session {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]engagement_post_km_2

We find that couples often use their engagement photos for wall portraits in their home, sometimes instead of their wedding photos, since your wedding photos will often be very different – more formal – than your engagement photos. Your engagement session is a chance for you to be just be you and wear what is most like you. Whether that’s a fancy dress and suit or jeans and a t-shirt or maybe both, why not? Your photos are usually taken in a natural setting and, ideally, an everyday moment – just jazzed up a bit. reasons engagement session {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]So, it will fit in perfectly in your home, because it’s the story of the two of you! Get crazy and have fun, rent a vintage car, throw confetti or holi powder at each other, take a stroll downtown or ride a bike, go retro, bake a cake, play in the snow or rain…your options are limited only by your imagination!reasons engagement session {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]

5. Opportunity for unique decor

Besides being a source for great home décor, your engagement photos will make for great additions to your wedding design. Use your engagement photos as a sign-in book or display some of the images at your reception; those same portraits will look beautiful displayed in your home. Use your photos as table numbers or in some unique way as a fun display – maybe a wall mural – escort cards, postage stamps or anything you want! They make great holiday cards too! You don’t have to limit using them just at your wedding, use them for your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, part of your invitations or on your website.reasons engagement session {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]041-los-angeles-engagement-photography-0305_Molique_RyanWe’ve given you some great reasons for scheduling an engagement session, so what are you waiting for?

Give us a shout today to get on our calendar!!



Kat+Will | Color Maternity | Krista Mason Photography

color maternity {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]

These two are so much fun and their session did not disappoint! You guys remember Aldo and my holiday card a couple years ago with Holi Powder? Well, we used that experience to inspire Kat for her maternity session. I love when that happens! It’s a true passion and joy when we can inspire clients to be creative and try something different. And I love how this session turned out.

color maternity {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]color maternity {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]color maternity {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]color maternity {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]color maternity {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]color maternity {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]

Kat and Will took a “patience pill” and decided to wait to find out the sex of their baby…how did they do it?! The multiple color holi powder was a perfect idea for a gender-neutral session. Plus, it’s so stinking fun!

color maternity {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]color maternity {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]color maternity {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]color maternity {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]

I mean look at those facial expressions. Brings back fun memories of our session and the hot mess we made of each other, just like Kat and Will did. Colors were flying everywhere…like a mini 4th of July. The powder really does make for some beautiful photos in the beginning and the end, and a gender war in the middle. What do you think…boy or girl?

color maternity {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]color maternity {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]color maternity {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]color maternity {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]color maternity {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]color maternity {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]

Happy to say Kat and Will had a beautiful healthy baby boy. And since I am a little behind on some blog posts (trying to be better!) keep an eye out for his one year session that will promise to be adorable.

#kmplovestory Winners

As promised we are announcing the winners of our #kmplovestory!

There were so many amazing love stories and we want to thank you all for sharing your moment with us! We feel so honored and grateful and we are thrilled for all of you on your new adventures in life!


The winner of the $25 BHLDN gift card is @hayley.2017
Screen Shot PM

Before even our first date (as we were messaging over the dating site), we bonded over our love of treehouses — I wanted to go into business designing them and he wanted to build one in Northern California. We dated for 2.5 years, 9 months of that long distance and another 5 months of it traveling the world. After we returned he took me on a surprise trip up north, blindfolded until he took it off to reveal a beautiful treehouse, where of course he proceeded to ask me to marry him!!!

The Mrs Box goes to @mintysunshineScreen Shot 2016-02-01 at 4.58.00 PM

My fiancé is always making crazy statements to me. When planning our first date he said he was going to take me to the moon. For our first valentines together he says he was going to get a mariachi band and Chinese acrobats to parade through the streets for me. I always tease him that he makes these crazy promises with no follow through. So, when he proposed, he took me to the place we had our first kiss and told me he wanted to show me I could count on him to follow through on his promises. He then presented me with a certificate for a piece of the moon (like those certificates when you name a star after someone). Next thing I know, a mariachi band starts playing and he’s down on one knee and I’m engaged! He even found a contortionist to perform a few tricks for me and our friends who were hiding around the corner! It was a perfect proposal!

And the lucky winner for our Los Angeles/Orange County Engagement Session is @vkgabo

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 4.57.28 PM
Set under the guise of a double-date, my man pulled off the most romantic fairy tale proposal. After dinner at my favorite sushi spot, we went to meet our friends for what I thought was a fun double date. As he escorted me to the back yard to meet them, he opens the door and there are over 300 tea candles lit spelling out, “will you marry me?” He got down on one knee and I hardly remember a word he said. All I remember is saying yes and dancing to the tune of “Make You Feel My Love.” It was the most magical night I’ve ever had! Our friends were there to capture it all for us. I couldn’t be happier!

Email us at krista@kristamason.com before Friday 2/5/16 to claim your prizes.

Thank you again to all those who entered and don’t forget you will all receive a special savings for your wedding photography with Krista Mason Photography just for entering. So be sure to reach out to us today and inquire about our photography! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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