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February 14, 2020

Finding the perfect location and outfits for your brand

We love when clients take the initiative of reaching out to us with a vision on how they want to either re-band themselves or just do a quick update to their branding. Nikki reached out to me with an idea of an hour photo session in a rented home, which sounded great! But after chatting further about what her needs were, the session expanded into more of a lifestyle session with multiple outfits and different locations! Which then quickly became my dream lifestyle session! YES!!!! Sometimes the quick sessions for updating your social or web are just what you need, but sometimes it calls for a full lifestyle session with a creative consult to make sure that everything is in line with you and your brand! 

A Little About Nikki + The Sprout Society

Getting to know our clients a bit before we working with them really allows me to figure out what they are looking for in their session. Let’s talk about Nikki Swartz, a self-described “quiet until you get to know me” type, Nikki is a successful attorney for women entrepreneurs. She is killing it with The Sprout Society – her social media, podcast and law business. I was wondering how this could all fit together, and then I met her and listened to her podcast, Cash is Queen. I’m not kidding it is one of the best podcasts I have ever listened to. She is one of the most inspirational ladies I know and is killing it and building a community for women. And remember….she is a kick-ass lawyer specializing in trademarks! Something every business owner should consider. 

Her clients are millennial women who “appreciate good style, design and women friendly things.” She is passionate about animal rescues and reading fiction, and doing activities like hiking and yoga. Sounds like a pretty awesome person, right?? Knowing this information about her, we were able to work fluidly together as we discussed her branding, preferences, outfits and style. But we will get to that in a bit!

The mission of Sprout Law, in Nikki’s words, “is to help women run their businesses, but in a way that allows women to be women…not feeling like they have to be overly masculine to be successful. It’s also important to me that the law side of my business remains fun and approachable…because law is scary to some people.”

Her personality and passion for her work shows as she discusses her brand and how she wants to work to improve it. As business owners we are always promoting our services and products, but many get nervous about showing their faces and being vulnerable with their clients and audiences. Working with a photographer, our clients often feel that uncomfort, similarly to the “scared feeling” that people get when it comes to law. But neither of these things need to be scary! This is what we are here for – to get to know you and your business on a level that will make your session such a breeze you won’t even believe we were photographing you! Isn’t it crazy how relatable the concepts can be between law and photography? Ha! Making our clients feel at ease.

Her Branding

We started with her branding. Sprout Law‘s colors are very minimal, with mostly white with pink and touches of green. Nikki wanted a fun, casual vibe from outfits to location to poses. Since that is what her brand is all about! She needed imagery to update her social and website. Nikki’s main goal is to make law fun, and together we were able to create just that for her.

First we had to pick a place. We decided on The Wing in West Hollywood. Have you ever been? It’s such an amazing space and a great way for women to connect. This was the perfect location for Nikki since she works from there and it is all about connecting with the millennial women! Think of it as a chic co-working space with delicious food and Chanel products in the bathroom.

Once we had the place, we did a creative consult. I created some awesome outfit suggestions based on her branding colors, outfit preferences and style. Check out the pinterest board here. The boards that I create after our consult do not only have clothing suggestions, but also poses and photos of the location so the client, in this case Nikki, could really picture herself in the space!

The End Results

Working together was so rewarding for both of us. Not only did I get to create a relationship with this incredible businesswoman, but we created content for her multiple platforms all at once. We took photos for Sprout Law and Sprout Society, we snapped photos for Cash is Queen, and her social media. No one said you are confined to one topic during a session, and I am so glad that Nikki and I went out of the box together!!

After our session, this was the response I received… and let me just tell you, I felt the same way about working with her! “WHAT THE FUCK THESE ARE AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much! You are a dream to work with and your pictures always come out so much better than I expected. I can’t even tell you how much of a relief (and also how exciting) it is to have pictures of me that I LOVE!! You are the best. Thank you!”

Find Her on Instagram via The Sprout Society + Sprout Law


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