Branding Session with an Acupuncturist


September 17, 2019

“You are an expert at putting women at ease”

One of my favorite type of sessions are with my branding clients. Recently I got the chance to work with a new one, and I can’t wait to gush all about her! 

Katya is a sweet, peaceful and supportive lady that always makes me feel so calm, just with her presence. Something that you want when looking for an acupuncturist, am I right?!?! She is much more than just an acupuncturist, helping to cultivate an atmosphere of support and healing for women and their families in Los Angeles. I have enjoyed getting to know her, also have been learning more about Chinese medicine, and I am into it. Who would have ever thought? Her passion for her craft and clients really shines in everything she does and it’s so refreshing! 

She recently has been rebranding, and her company is now called Spirit Gate Acupuncture and Wellness. If you’ve ever rebranded, you know that is takes a lot of new content for your websites and social media to make everything cohesive. That’s where photographers (like me!) come in. 

Katya isn’t a stranger to having her portrait taken, and had previously done  headshots for articles and also a lifestyle session showing off her business. However, this was our first time working together! She just needed a quick headshot for an article she was being featured in, as well as new images of herself for her social media accounts! With guidance, coaching and lots of laughs, I was able to help make Katya feel at ease and comfortable – resulting in images that she loved! The small, little easy directions like how to tilt your coffee cup to exactly where to land your eyes and shoulders makes all the difference in the world when trying up a good photo to one you love. 

She reached out to me after the session, with some words about her experience, “I wanted to thank you again for yesterday. I’ve never felt better about a photo shoot! You are an expert at putting women at ease, making them comfortable in their own skin, and keeping the photoshoot light-hearted and fun.” It fills me with so much joy to help my clients feel their best!

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