Baby & Her Puppy Newborn Session


January 20, 2023

Not sure who stole the show here! The puppy, Rocket, or baby Scarlett? Both..right! I mean look how adorable they are! Rocket went everywhere that Baby Scarlett went, watching over her and making sure she was ok. Gosh I love the puppies! They are so loving, caring and protective even of the newest members of the family!

This beautiful family opted to have a lifestyle newborn session welcoming baby Scarlett at 9 days old!

She was one of my most sleepy, cooperative babies and usually with lifestyle we don’t get much baby posed solo, but since she was knocked out and a perfect little model, I was able to sneak some in within our timeframe! It doesn’t always happen but when it does, we have gotta take advantage!

She also was born just before Thanksgiving, so of course we needed to add a little Christmas celebration with a quick add of the red and white candy stripped hat. Dad loved this (he’s big on Christmas)!

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