Family Session at New Location!


November 17, 2022

You know, I love it when I find new locations to shoot at! This one I was aware of for awhile, but finally got the chance to photograph here and I am in love! It’s actually on our recommended mini location list now, too!

I’m always looking for places that are easy to get to, park, and allows the kids to run around and be free without being limited to golden hour – and this hit all of those! Thank goodness too because our little star was not about photos today. I’ve worked with her before and I know she is a happy smiling baby, but this day was not her day, lol. And that’s ok! We played, ran around, chased and I snuck in a few photos. Well, when our star wasn’t showing me around or playing with me.

This is also one of those benefits of a private session. I can take the time to bond, connect and make the little ones comfortable and relaxed. Or at least more time to chase them around and get those smiles! We sang all her favorite commercials. Yup, she loves the commercial tunes! She showed me how she brushes her teeth, smelled the flowers and my go to song, baby shark!! Yes, I know it’s now stuck in your head. Same, so sorry not sorry, lol.

These private sessions are also wonderful to capture all the family, like grandparents. How sweet are those moments. Everyone will cherish these for years to come!


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