1st Birthday Portraits and Cake Smash!


June 9, 2022

No matter how big or small the party is, a 1st birthday calls for a cake smash! This little cutie had the sweetest at-home birthday with friends and family.

She was the sweetest little thing and took to playing with me immediately, but a little less photogenic for her birthday. She was great at being right next to me which was so adorable, but not great for photographing her, lol. With some playful, quick moves, the help of Mom, Grandmas and Baby Shark, I was able to snap a few fun images of her. Nothing is better than capturing the true, authentic personality of your little one like this.

Not to mention her adorable birthday outfit! She didn’t like bows in her hair and it was too funny to watch as mom distracted her to put it in and then a few moments later she would discover it and yank it out! How cute is her romper? Showing off her squeezy little baby rolls, the cutest!

Cake Smash

One of my favorite things to capture is the cake smash! You never know how your baby is going to react, especially if this is the first real time experiencing sugar. Sometimes they hate it and sometimes they go head first. Most often at first they are unsure, just like Isabelle was, and then you see the glimmer in their eye as their taste buds adjust and fall in love with that sweet sweet icing! And then it’s the cutest mess ever!

Looking to capture your baby’s 1st birthday cake smash? Inquire here and let’s capture this precious moment! You will see all the facial expression they make and the progression of the cake smash from unsure to full blown dives and sometimes cries!


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